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Universal SYBR Green qPCR Protocol
Our SYBR Green qPCR Protocol is a method designed to detect accurate quantification of gene expression and RT-PCR reactions
Blocking Reagent Protocol & Troubleshooting
The easiest way to use the Blocking Reagent is with the Roche DIG Wash and Block Buffer Set, a ready-to-use set of stock solutions.
Solubilizing Peptides
Solubilizing Custom Peptides
DNA Ligation Protocol
The cloning process requires the ligation of linear DNA into a cloning vector. This ability to join fragments of DNA through recombinant technology is essential for many basic experiments in biotechnology.
Saliva DNA Extraction & WGA Amplification Protocol
Whole Genome Amplification can be performed on DNA extracted in many ways. We offer many products for DNA extraction, including the GenElute™ Blood Genomic DNA Kit, GenElute Mammalian Genomic DNA Miniprep Kit and the GenElute Plant Genomic DNA M iniprep.
NBT/BCIP Ready-to-Use Tablets Protocol Troubleshooting
NBT/BCIP Ready-to-Use Tablets Protocol Troubleshooting
Multiplex qPCR Protocol
A protocol that can be used as a basic template for qPCR incorporating up to four detection probes. In these reactions, primers and probe are included at a final concentration of 200 nM and are run using LuminoCt ReadyMix.
Amplification of DNA Using Jumpstart™ Taq DNA Polymerase (D9307)
Protocol using antibody mediated hot start polymerase. Method has short activation period (<1min), and results in higher yields and more specificity over standard PCR methods.
x-tracta Gel Extraction Tool
A quick, clean and easy to use alternative to using a scalpel or razor blade for the extraction of DNA and RNA bands from agarose gels following gel electrophoresis.
Restriction Enzyme Digest Protocol
Restriction enzyme collection has been optimized for digestion using five unique buffers.
Amplification of Damaged DNA with Restorase DNA Polymerase (R1028)
Method for amplification of DNA from damaged DNA sources. Particularly useful for DNA extracted from old samples.
Integration of Sigma® TransPlex® WTA and the Complete WTA2 Kits with the Affymetrix Microarray Workflow
TransPlex WTA amplification product is suitable as microarray target for expression analysis on the Affymetrix platform, and can be incorporated into existing Affymetrix workflows
Amplification of DNA Using Jumpstart™ Taq DNA Polymerase (D4184)
Hot Start Taq Polymerase protocol to reduce non-specific amplification, with MgCl2 Optimization
Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for KAPA SYBR® FAST One-Step qRT-PCR Kits.
Preparation of Monodisperse Polymer Spheres
Monodisperse, surfactant-free polymer spheres for use as colloidal crystal templates can be easily obtained in reasonably large quantities. Typical synthesis methods for poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) and poly(styrene) (PS) by emulsifier free emulsion polymerization are described below and yield spheres several
T4 DNA Ligase (Rapid) Protocol
T4 DNA Ligase for joining blunt ends of DNA and RNA.
OverExpress™ Chemically Competent Cells
Protocol for OverExpress™ Chemically Competent Cells. Product Numbers: CMC0017, CMC0018, CMC0019, CMC0020, CMC0023, CMC0024
TeloTAGGG Telomerase PCR ELISA Protocol & Troubleshooting
The TeloTAGGG Telomerase PCR ELISA is used for sensitive qualitative detection of telomerase activity.
qPCR Gene Expression/Copy Number Analysis Protocol Using SYBR Green I Dye Detection
Measuring a target quantity relative to one or more stable reference genes using SYBR Green I dye detection is a common application of qPCR. Below is a standard protocol that can be adapted to specific experimental needs.
Random Primed DNA Labeling Kit Protocol & Troubleshooting
Random Primed DNA Labeling Kit Protocol & Troubleshooting
SeqPlex Enhanced DNA Amplification Kit (SEQXE) Protocol
The SeqPlex DNA Amplification Kit for whole genome amplification (WGA) is designed to facilitate next-generation sequencing (NGS) from extremely small quantities or from degraded/highly fragmented DNA
Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes: Exfoliation and Debundling Procedure
The dispersibility and bundle defoliation of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs), which can be applied to materials produced by the CoMoCAT® process, have been extensively investigated by SouthWest NanoTechnologies (SWeNT ®) and at the University of Oklahoma.
AptaTaq Fast DNA Polymerase Protocol & Troubleshooting
AptaTaq Fast DNA Polymerase Protocol & Troubleshooting
How to Run an mPAGE™ Protein Gel Using an Invitrogen XCell Surelock® Mini-Cell Electrophoresis System
Instructions for setting up an mPAGE™ SDS-PAGE precast protein gel for gel electrophoresis using an Invitrogen XCell Surelock® mini-cell.
Sanger Sequencing Steps & Method
Learn about Sanger Sequencing steps or the chain termination method and how DNA sequencing works and how to read Sanger Sequencing results accurately for your research.
Northern and Southern Blot Protocols & Introduction
An introduction to both Northern and Southern blotting, popular methods for the transfer of macromolecules to membranous support. This article also offers a Southern blot protocol and a northern blot protocol.
Rapid DNA Ligation Kit Protocol
Rapid DNA Ligation Kit Protocol
Hand-casting gels for PAGE and SDS-PAGE using TurboMix™ Bis-Tris Gel Casting Kits
Overview of polyacrylamide gel chemistry and detailed instructions for hand-casting polyacrylamide gels using TurboMix™ Bis-Tris Gel Casting Kits
Prestige Antibody® Immunofluorescence Procedure
We presents a protocol for Immunofluorescence Procedure. A large number of the Prestige Antibodies have been used in subcellular localization studies by immunofluorescence (IF) staining of three cell lines: A-431, U-2 OS, and U-251MG.
Procedure for Standard Surface Modifcation using the Aldrich Kit for Creating Hydrophilic PDMS Surfaces
Procedure for Standard Surface Modifcation using the Aldrich Kit for Creating Hydrophilic PDMS Surfaces
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