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Sera-Mag™ and Sera-Mag SpeedBeads Magnetic Particles
Sera-Mag and Sera-Mag SpeedBeads provide cost effective magnetic bead separation technology for molecular biology applications, nucleic acid isolation, and research immunoassays.
Robust, load independent viral clearance in monoclonal antibody purification with NatriFlo® HD-Q membrane adsorber
Membrane adsorbers are a cost-effective, robust, single-use solution for monoclonal antibody polishing
Signal Peptide Optimization: Effect On Recombinant Monoclonal IgG Productivity, Product Quality And Antigen-Binding Affinity
A signal peptide is a 5-30 amino acid (aa) peptide present at the N-terminus of secretory proteins.
Immunoprecipitation Techniques
This page describes immunoprecipitation (immunoaffinity or pull-down techniques).
Centrifugation Separations
Differential centrifugation and density gradient centrifugation are two types of centrifugal techniques for separating particles.CsCl gradient centrifugation, or Caesium chloride centrifugation is used to make solutions for the separation of RNA from DNA by density gradient centrifugation.
Agarose beads Vs. Magnetic beads in ChIP
Agarose beads Vs. Magnetic beads in Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP)
Protein G and protein A bind to different IgG
This page shows a comparison of the relative binding strengths of protein G and protein A to different immunoglobulins.
Centrifugation Basics
Centrifugation enables the separation of particles by sedimentation. Learn how to separate particles using a centrifuge and how to use Stokes' law to calculate the velocity of sedimentation.
Column Packing and Preparation for Affinity Chromatography of Antibodies
This page describes efficient column packing and preparation for affinity chromatography of antibodies.
Troubleshooting Strategies in GST-tagged Protein Purification
This page describes troubleshooting strategies in purification of GST-tagged proteins using GE Healthcare products.