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Protocol Guide: Immunofluorescent Staining of Whole-Mount Organoids using Antibodies
How to stain organoids? A complete step-by-step protocol for immunofluorescent (IF) and immunocytochemical (ICC) staining of organoid cultures using antibodies
FSL Construct Protocol
FSL Constructs are compounds based on KODE™ technology designed to label hydrophobic surfaces including living cells with carbohydrates, biotin, fluorophores, or 125I.
Preparation of FSL-Tyr1 Construct Protocol
FSL-Tyr1 is comprised predominantly of an N-formyltyrosine monomer, which can be radiolabeled with 125I
Prestige Antibody® Immunofluorescence Procedure
We presents a protocol for Immunofluorescence Procedure. A large number of the Prestige Antibodies have been used in subcellular localization studies by immunofluorescence (IF) staining of three cell lines: A-431, U-2 OS, and U-251MG.