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Viral RNA Purification Protocol Using GenElute™ Spin Prep Kits
Instructions for purifying viral RNA using GenElute™ RNA purification spin prep kits.
Whole Gene Amplification Formalinfixed Paraffin embedded Tissues
Archived formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue collections represent invaluable resources for studying pathogenesis of cancer and a variety of other diseases.
Selecting Correctly Expressing Recombinants
Blue White Screening; DNA Minipreps; Screening by Restriction Digestion; Screening by PCR; Confirm cut plasmid sizes by agarose gel electrophoresis; DNA Maxipreps; DNA Precipitation; RNase Treatment; Clean-up of DNA
RNAstable® Protocol
RNAstable is a unique storage medium that preserves RNA samples at room temperature. RNAstable enables you to store RNA samples for months. Using RNAstable, you can completely recover your RNA samples by simple rehydration - just add water. Rehydrated samples
DNAgard® Blood Protocol
DNAgard Blood is designed for shipping and storage of DNA in mammalian whole blood. DNA in blood is protected by the unique stabilization properties of DNAgard Blood
GenElute™ PCR Clean-Up Procedure
Follow this procedure to rapidly purify single-stranded or double-stranded PCR amplification products (100 bp to 10 kb) from excess primers, nucleotides, DNA polymerase, oil and salts using the GenElute™ PCR Clean-up Kit.
RNA Stabilization at Room Temperature in RNAstable®
Quantitative RT-PCR analysis demonstrates successful amplification of RNA templates that were stored dry in RNAstable® for 29 months at room temperature and under accelerated aging conditions equivalent to 12 years of room temperature storage.
Protein Sample Concentration
We provide gentle, membrane-based Protein Concentration options to concentrate proteins without compromising yield, even when labile or low in abundance.
Instructions for EasiCollect™
This document shows intructions for EasiCollect™ device from Cytiva.
Rapid Genotyping of Mouse Tissue Using Extract-N-Amp Tissue PCR Kit
Genomic detection of DNA via PCR amplification and detection on an electrophoretic gel is a standard way that the genotype of a tissue sample is determined. Conventional preparation of tissues for PCR-ready DNA often take several hours to days, depending
DNAstable® Protocol
DNAstable is a unique storage medium that preserves genomic DNA, plasmids, bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs), PCR products and oligonucleotides at room temperature.
GenElute™ Bacterial Genomic DNA Kit Protocol (NA2100, NA2110, NA2120)
GenElute™ Bacterial Genomic DNA Kit protocol describes a simple and convenient way for the isolation of pure genomic DNA from bacteria.
Plasmid DNA Purification using illustra™ plasmidPrep Mini Spin Kit
This page shows Plasmid DNA purification using illustra™ plasmidPrep Mini Spin Kit from Cytiva.
GenElute™ RNA/DNA/Protein Plus Purification Kit
GenElute RNA/DNA/Protein Plus Purification Kit provides a rapid method for the isolation and purification of total RNA, genomic DNA and proteins sequentially from a single sample of cultured animal cells, small tissue samples, blood, bacteria, yeast, fungi or plants.
Plasmid DNA Preparation
Preparation of Plasmid DNA by Alkaline Lysis with SDS: Maxipreparation between Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press and our research team.
GenElute™ HP Plasmid Maxiprep Procedure
Follow this simple, rapid, and cost-effective method for isolating plasmid DNA from recombinant E. coli cultures with the GenElute™ HP Plasmid Maxiprep kit.
DNAgard® Protocol
Biomatrica DNA stability reagent for preserving tissue.
Whole Blood
Whole blood is a common source of material used to perform genetic analysis. Many times genomic DNA isolated from whole blood samples is of low yield.
Whole Genome Amplification: Extraction Protocol - Blood Card
Whole Genome Amplification: Extraction Protocol - Blood cards provide the convenience of archiving small volumes of blood. However, many times genomic DNA from these samples is limited, which may hinder the researcher’s ability to perform downstream analysis. This protocol provides
Plant/Fungi Total RNA Purification Kit
The Plant/Fungi Total RNA Purification Kit provides a rapid method for the isolation and purification of total RNA from a wide range of plant and filamentous fungal species.
Buccal DNA Extraction & WGA Amplification Protocol
This protocol provides a simple and convenient method to isolate, amplify, and purify genomic DNA from buccal swabs. Buccal swabs are a convenient method of acquiring a DNA sample.
GenElute™ Plant Genomic DNA Miniprep Kit Protocol (G2N10, G2N70, G2N350)
This protocol describes a simple and convenient procedure to isolate pure DNA from a variety of plant species using the GenElute Plant Genomic DNA Miniprep Kit.
Innovative technology to stabilize DNA at room temperature in tissues and cells
Current methods for storing and shipping human and animal tissue or cells for clinical, forensic and biomedical research needs are costly and can be insufficient for reliable molecular diagnostics requiring preservation of high-quality genomic DNA.
Extract-N-Amp™ Plant PCR Kits Protocol
The Extract-N-Amp™ Plant PCR Kits contain all of the reagents required to rapidly extract and amplify genomic DNA from plant leaves.
Extract-N-Amp™ FFPE Tissue PCR Protocol
The following procedure is a modification of the Extract-N-Amp™ Tissue PCR protocol.
Ethidium Bromide Removal
Removal of Ethidium Bromide from DNA by Extraction with Organic Solvents Protocol from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.
Plant DNA Extraction & WGA Amplification Protocol
GenomePlex® Whole Genome Amplification has been used to amplify genomic DNA from soybean, corn, tomato, purple coneflower, and ginseng.
REDExtract-N-Amp™ Tissue PCR Kit Protocol
The exrract-N-Amp kit protocol provides a rapid DNA extraction method that leads to a PCR-ready sample in 15 minutes. Optimized PCR ReadyMix yields successful and clean amplification. RED loading dye allows for sample tracking.
Genomic DNA Extraction and Amplification Procedure using REDExtract-N-Amp™ Tissue PCR Kit
The REDExtract-N-Amp™ Tissue PCR Kit contains all the reagents needed to rapidly extract and amplify genomic DNA from mouse tails and other animal tissues, buccal swabs, hair shafts, and saliva.
RNase, DNase-free Protocol
0.1 mU RNase, DNase-free degrades 1 μg RNA in 30 min at + 37 °C in a reaction volume of 50 μL PCR grade water. The protein concentration of RNase, DNase-free is 0.5 μg/μL.
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