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Laura Prochazka et al.
Nature communications, 5, 4729-4729 (2014-10-15)
Synthetic gene circuits often require extensive mutual optimization of their components for successful operation, while modular and programmable design platforms are rare. A possible solution lies in the 'bow-tie' architecture, which stipulates a focal component-a 'knot'-uncoupling circuits' inputs and outputs
E-Ching Ong et al.
Biotechnology progress, 35(5), e2839-e2839 (2019-05-16)
In order to avoid the metabolic burden of protein expression during cell growth, and to avoid potential toxicity of recombinant proteins, microbial expression systems typically utilize regulated expression vectors. In contrast, constitutive expression vectors have usually been utilized for isolation
Silvia Ferrè et al.
Kidney international, 96(6), 1359-1373 (2019-10-12)
Sepsis is a systemic inflammatory state in response to infection, and concomitant acute kidney injury (AKI) increases mortality significantly. Endoplasmic reticulum stress is activated in many cell types upon microbial infection and modulates inflammation. The role of endoplasmic reticulum signaling
Burcu Vitrinel et al.
ACS omega, 5(25), 15537-15546 (2020-07-09)
The rise of single-cell transcriptomics has created an urgent need for similar approaches that use a minimal number of cells to quantify expression levels of proteins. We integrated and optimized multiple recent developments to establish a proteomics workflow to quantify
Haiyang Yu et al.
Science (New York, N.Y.), 371(6529) (2020-12-19)
The RNA binding protein TDP-43 forms intranuclear or cytoplasmic aggregates in age-related neurodegenerative diseases. In this study, we found that RNA binding-deficient TDP-43 (produced by neurodegeneration-causing mutations or posttranslational acetylation in its RNA recognition motifs) drove TDP-43 demixing into intranuclear
Franziska Eck et al.
Journal of cell science, 133(18) (2020-08-28)
While studies of the autophagy-related (ATG) genes in knockout models have led to an explosion of knowledge about the functions of autophagy components, the exact roles of LC3 and GABARAP family proteins (human ATG8 equivalents) are still poorly understood. A
Rui Xing et al.
Biomedical materials (Bristol, England), 10(5), 055003-055003 (2015-09-12)
Biofilm formation on dental abutment may lead to peri-implant mucositis and subsequent peri-implantitis. These cases are clinically treated with antibiotics such as doxycycline (Doxy). Here we used an electrochemical method of cathodic polarization to coat Doxy onto the outer surface
Ji Hae Lee et al.
Cells, 8(2) (2019-02-14)
The CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein β (C/EBPβ) is a transcription factor that regulates cellular proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis and tumorigenesis. Although the pro-oncogenic roles of C/EBPβ have been implicated in various human cancers, how it contributes to tumorigenesis or tumor progression has not
Shumei Song et al.
Cancer research, 74(15), 4170-4182 (2014-06-08)
Cancer stem cells (CSC) are purported to initiate and maintain tumor growth. Deregulation of normal stem cell signaling may lead to the generation of CSCs; however, the molecular determinants of this process remain poorly understood. Here we show that the
Kenta Tsuchiya et al.
Current biology : CB, 31(1), 115-127 (2020-11-14)
Spindle assembly is spatially regulated by a chromosome-derived Ran- GTP gradient. Previous work proposed that Ran-GTP activates spindle assembly factors (SAFs) around chromosomes by dissociating inhibitory importins from SAFs. However, it is unclear whether the Ran-GTP gradient equivalently activates SAFs
Robin Schwarzer et al.
Immunity, 52(6), 978-993 (2020-05-05)
Pathways controlling intestinal epithelial cell (IEC) death regulate gut immune homeostasis and contribute to the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel diseases. Here, we show that caspase-8 and its adapter FADD act in IECs to regulate intestinal inflammation downstream of Z-DNA binding
Bo-Ruei Chen et al.
eLife, 10 (2021-09-04)
DNA double-strand break (DSB) repair by homologous recombination (HR) is thought to be restricted to the S- and G2- phases of the cell cycle in part due to 53BP1 antagonizing DNA end resection in G1-phase and non-cycling quiescent (G0) cells.
Ming Ma et al.
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology : JASN, 30(11), 2103-2111 (2019-08-28)
PKD1 or PKD2, the two main causal genes for autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD), encode the multipass transmembrane proteins polycystin-1 (PC1) and polycystin-2 (PC2), respectively. Polycystins localize to the primary cilium, an organelle essential for cell signaling, including signal
Yu Chen Feng et al.
Nature communications, 11(1), 4980-4980 (2020-10-07)
The functions of the proto-oncoprotein c-Myc and the tumor suppressor p53 in controlling cell survival and proliferation are inextricably linked as "Yin and Yang" partners in normal cells to maintain tissue homeostasis: c-Myc induces the expression of ARF tumor suppressor
M P Do et al.
European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics : official journal of Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Pharmazeutische Verfahrenstechnik e.V, 88(2), 342-350 (2014-05-17)
Novel in situ forming implants are presented showing a promising potential to overcome one of the major practical hurdles associated with local periodontitis treatment: limited adhesion to the surrounding tissue, resulting in accidental expulsion of at least parts of the
Ashley L Arthur et al.
eLife, 10 (2021-05-28)
Filopodia are thin, actin-based structures that cells use to interact with their environments. Filopodia initiation requires a suite of conserved proteins but the mechanism remains poorly understood. The actin polymerase VASP and a MyTH-FERM (MF) myosin, DdMyo7 in amoeba, are
Clay O Lacefield et al.
Cell reports, 26(8), 2000-2008 (2019-02-21)
The mammalian brain can form associations between behaviorally relevant stimuli in an animal's environment. While such learning is thought to primarily involve high-order association cortex, even primary sensory areas receive long-range connections carrying information that could contribute to high-level representations.
Joseph A Giovinazzo et al.
eLife, 9 (2020-05-20)
Recently evolved alleles of Apolipoprotein L-1 (APOL1) provide increased protection against African trypanosome parasites while also significantly increasing the risk of developing kidney disease in humans. APOL1 protects against trypanosome infections by forming ion channels within the parasite, causing lysis.
Charlotte Starke et al.
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology : JASN, 26(1), 48-54 (2014-06-07)
Mesangial cell injury has a major role in many CKDs. Because renin-positive precursor cells give rise to mesangial cells during nephrogenesis, this study tested the hypothesis that the same phenomenon contributes to glomerular regeneration after murine experimental mesangial injury. Mesangiolysis
Nichole Eshleman et al.
RNA (New York, N.Y.), 26(1), 10-18 (2019-10-12)
Assessing variations in mRNA stability typically involves inhibiting transcription either globally or in a gene-specific manner. Alternatively, mRNA pulse-labeling strategies offer a means to calculate mRNA stability without inhibiting transcription. However, key stress-responsive cell signaling pathways, which affect mRNA stability
Elizabeth M Hill et al.
Animal microbiome, 3(1), 37-37 (2021-05-13)
For more than 30 years, the tetracycline on/off system of inducible gene expression has been leveraged to study disease mechanisms across many research areas, especially that of metabolism and neuroscience. This system requires acute or chronic exposure to tetracycline derivatives
Jennifer C Jones et al.
Cellular and molecular gastroenterology and hepatology, 7(3), 533-554 (2019-03-05)
Loss of leucine-rich repeat-containing G-protein-coupled receptor 5-positive crypt base columnar cells provides permissive conditions for different facultative stem cell populations to dedifferentiate and repopulate the stem cell compartment. In this study, we used a defensin α4-Cre recombinase (Defa4Cre) line to
Xingjie Ren et al.
Science advances, 7(38), eabi4360-eabi4360 (2021-09-16)
[Figure: see text].
Tomohide Kurahashi et al.
Cellular and molecular gastroenterology and hepatology, 9(3), 425-446 (2019-11-02)
Liver inflammation has been recognized as a hallmark of hepatocarcinogenesis. Although Forkhead Box M1 (FoxM1) is a well-defined oncogenic transcription factor that is overexpressed in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), its role in liver inflammation has never been explored. We generated hepatocyte-specific
Jose Luis Sardina et al.
Cell stem cell, 23(5), 727-741 (2018-09-18)
Here, we report DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation dynamics at nucleotide resolution using C/EBPα-enhanced reprogramming of B cells into induced pluripotent cells (iPSCs). We observed successive waves of hydroxymethylation at enhancers, concomitant with a decrease in DNA methylation, suggesting active demethylation.
Maximilian Heumüller et al.
Nature methods, 16(8), 699-702 (2019-07-17)
Chemical inhibitors have revealed requirements for protein synthesis that drive cellular plasticity. We developed a genetically encodable protein synthesis inhibitor (gePSI) to achieve cell-type-specific temporal control of protein synthesis. Controlled expression of the gePSI in neurons or glia resulted in
Lorea Valcarcel-Jimenez et al.
Cancer research, 79(24), 6153-6165 (2019-10-09)
The PPARγ coactivator 1 alpha (PGC1α) is a prostate tumor suppressor that controls the balance between anabolism and catabolism. PGC1A downregulation in prostate cancer is causally associated with the development of metastasis. Here we show that the transcriptional complex formed
Yannick Bongrand et al.
The Canadian veterinary journal = La revue veterinaire canadienne, 53(10), 1109-1113 (2013-04-02)
An atypical case of Mycoplasma pneumonia with an unusual radiographic and computed tomographic pattern was diagnosed in a Siamese kitten. The cat showed no response to broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy including enrofloxacin. The administration of doxycycline led to a dramatic clinical
Sophie D Adams et al.
Current biology : CB, 31(7), 1403-1416 (2021-02-17)
Bidirectional communication between cells and their surrounding environment is critical in both normal and pathological settings. Extracellular vesicles (EVs), which facilitate the horizontal transfer of molecules between cells, are recognized as an important constituent of cell-cell communication. In cancer, alterations
Joaquin Urdinez et al.
Journal of bone and mineral research : the official journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, 35(6), 1077-1091 (2020-02-07)
Chondrosarcoma is the second most frequent bone sarcoma. Due to the inherent chemotherapy and radiotherapy resistance and absence of known therapeutic targets, clinical management is limited to surgical resection. Consequently, patients with advanced disease face a poor prognosis. Hence, elucidating
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