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Metal-Organic Complexes for Doping Organic Semiconductors and Surface Doping
The conductivity of organic semiconductors can be increased, and the barriers to charge-carrier injection from other materials can be reduced, by the use of highly reducing or oxidizing species to n- or p-dope, respectively, the semiconductor.
Applications of Organic Single-Crystalline Semiconductors
Aldrich Materials Science highlights recent developments in the applications of organic single-crystal semiconductors which allow their use in organic electronics and energy harvesting.
High-Purity Monomers & Polymers for Ophthalmic Applications
We offer a continuously expanding selection of high-purity monomers and polymers for ophthalmic applications, along with a full range of initiators, crosslinkers, dyes, and solvents.
Nanomaterials for Advanced Applications
The union of distinct scientific disciplines is revealing the leading edge of Nanotechnology.
Organic and Hybrid Electronics in Optical Analytical Applications
Professor Shinar (Iowa State University, USA) summarizes the developments of a variety of sensor configurations based on organic and hybrid electronics, as low-cost, disposable, non-invasive, wearable bioelectronics for healthcare.