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M C Heindl et al.
Biochimica et biophysica acta, 624(1), 51-59 (1980-07-24)
The recently isolated and purified collagenase produced by Achromobacter iophagus, the collagenase from Clostridium histolyticum, and thermolysin, three enzymes having common properties, were studied by circular dichroism. From the spectra of the aqueous solutions obtained in the peptide region, the
Chris Bainbridge et al.
Journal of plastic surgery and hand surgery, 46(3-4), 177-183 (2012-06-08)
Collagenase Clostridium histolyticum (CCH) is a non-surgical, efficacious therapy for Dupuytren's contracture (DC). This study evaluated the efficacy and safety of CCH in patients with previous DC surgery. Data from 12 CCH clinical trials were pooled. At screening, patients provided
Elaeophora schneideri Wehr and Dickmans, 1935 in white-tailed deer from the Edwards Plateau of Texas.
D D Waid et al.
Journal of wildlife diseases, 20(4), 342-345 (1984-10-01)
Reply by authors.
The Journal of urology, 191(2), 562-563 (2013-11-19)
Jörg Witthaut et al.
The Journal of hand surgery, 38(1), 2-11 (2012-12-12)
The JOINT I (United States) and JOINT II (Australia and Europe) studies evaluated the efficacy and safety of collagenase clostridium histolyticum (CCH) injection for the treatment of Dupuytren contracture. Both studies used identical open-label protocols. Patients with fixed-flexion contractures of
V Pendaries et al.
Gene therapy, 17(7), 930-937 (2010-04-09)
Recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB) is a severe genodermatosis caused by loss-of-function mutations in COL7A1 encoding type VII collagen, the component of anchoring fibrils. As exogenous type VII collagen may elicit a deleterious immune response in RDEB patients during upcoming
Thomas J Edkins et al.
Clinical and vaccine immunology : CVI, 19(4), 562-569 (2012-02-24)
Collagenase Clostridium histolyticum (CCH) contains a fixed ratio of class I (AUX-I) and class II (AUX-II) collagenases and is used as treatment for Dupuytren's contracture. These two Zn-dependent enzymes, produced by the Gram-positive bacterium Clostridium histolyticum, are related functionally to
Skin laceration as a serious adverse sequela of injectable collagenase for Dupuytren contracture.
Geoffrey G Hallock
Plastic and reconstructive surgery, 129(1), 205e-206e (2011-12-22)
[Efficacy, evidence and additional patient benefit--update to the assessment of new methods of treatment in Germany using the example of Dupuytrens contracture].
Riccardo E Giunta
Handchirurgie, Mikrochirurgie, plastische Chirurgie : Organ der Deutschsprachigen Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Handchirurgie : Organ der Deutschsprachigen Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Mikrochirurgie der Peripheren Nerven und Gefasse : Organ der V..., 44(2), 57-58 (2012-04-14)
M Feldman et al.
Journal of applied microbiology, 113(2), 438-447 (2012-05-09)
Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of polymicrobial origin that affects the tooth-supporting tissues. With the spread of antibiotic resistance among pathogenic bacteria, alternative strategies are required to better control infectious diseases such as periodontitis. The aim of our study was
Naomi Ohbayashi et al.
Applied and environmental microbiology, 78(16), 5839-5844 (2012-06-12)
The clostridial collagenases G and H are multidomain proteins. For collagen digestion, the domain arrangement is likely to play an important role in collagen binding and hydrolysis. In this study, the full-length collagenase H protein from Clostridium histolyticum was expressed
A Gaspar et al.
Journal of medicine and life, 4(2), 172-177 (2011-07-22)
The aim of this study was to obtain four collagen based porous scaffolds and to assess their in vitro biocompatibility and biodegradability in order to use them for skin tissue engineering. We have prepared four variants of collagen-based biodegradable sponges
Solution structure of clostridial collagenase H and its calcium-dependent global conformation change
Ohbayashi N, et al.
Biophysical Journal, 104(7), 1538-1545 (2013)
A Endo et al.
Journal of biochemistry, 102(1), 163-170 (1987-07-01)
A collagenase active against native, insoluble collagen was isolated from the culture filtrate of a streptomycete which has been designated Streptomyces sp. C-51. Collagenase was produced by growing this strain in media containing gelatin. Purification by ammonium sulfate fractionation and
[Dupuytren contracture].
R E Giunta et al.
MMW Fortschritte der Medizin, 153(49-50), 41-43 (2012-02-09)
M D Bond et al.
Biochemistry, 23(13), 3092-3099 (1984-06-19)
The relationship between the six collagenases (alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, and zeta) isolated and characterized in the preceding papers [Bond, M.D., & Van Wart, H.E. (1984) Biochemistry (preceding two papers in this issue)] has been investigated. Chemical modification reactions
M D Bond et al.
Biochemistry, 23(13), 3085-3091 (1984-06-19)
The six collagenases (alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, and zeta) from Clostridium histolyticum isolated in the preceding paper [Bond, M. D., & Van Wart, H. E. (1984) Biochemistry (first paper of three in this issue)] have been characterized in detail.
Jörg Witthaut et al.
Clinical drug investigation, 31(11), 791-798 (2011-10-05)
Injectable collagenase Clostridium histolyticum is efficacious in correcting Dupuytren's contracture as assessed by changes in the angle of contracture and range of motion (ROM). However, clinically important changes in ROM have not been evaluated in depth. The objective of this
J R Merkel et al.
Biochemistry, 17(14), 2857-2863 (1978-07-11)
A true collagenase was isolated from the culture fluid of a marine bacterium which has been designated Vibrio B-30 (ATCC 21250). Collagenase production was obtained only in media containing collagen or certain degradation products of collagen. Partial purification on DEAE-cellulose
Re: clinical efficacy, safety and tolerability of collagenase clostridium histolyticum for the treatment of peyronie disease in 2 large double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled phase 3 studies: M. Gelbard, I. Goldstein, W. J. Hellstrom, C. G. McMahon, T. Smith, J. Tursi, N. Jones, G. J. Kaufman and C. C. Carson, III J Urol 2013; 190: 199-207.
S Jain et al.
The Journal of urology, 191(2), 561-563 (2013-11-19)
Structural stability enhancement of full-length clostridial collagenase by calcium ions
Ohbayashi N, et al.
Applied and Environmental Microbiology, AEM-00808 (2012)
Maslin Osathanunkul et al.
Analytical biochemistry, 433(2), 168-170 (2012-10-18)
Coomassie brilliant blue (CBB) heated by microwave was used as a staining dye for measuring gelatinolytic activity. The quantity of gelatin remaining after incubation with bacterial collagenase was determined using the heated CBB, resulting in visible blue pellets. Dimethyl sulfoxide
Cynthia R Sides et al.
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 23(3), 505-519 (2011-12-31)
Pairing limited proteolysis and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) to probe clostridial collagenase collagen binding domain (CBD) reveals the solution dynamics and stability of the protein, as these factors are crucial to CBD effectiveness as a
J Watt
Drugs of today (Barcelona, Spain : 1998), 50(3), 269-271 (2014-04-04)
CEO and President Adrian Adams described Auxilium Pharmaceuticals as "the same as a Big Pharma company, only smaller." This 'specialty biopharmaceutical company' has transformed itself in the last 6 to 9 months to become the "leading men's healthcare franchise with
Drug and therapeutics bulletin, 49(12), 138-141 (2011-12-16)
Dupuytren's contracture is a benign, progressive disabling condition of the hands. Traditionally, surgery (e.g. fasciotomy, fasciectomy, joint fusion and amputation) has been the only effective treatment but it is not an option for every patient. A potential alternative intervention is
Martin Gelbard et al.
The Journal of urology, 187(6), 2268-2274 (2012-04-17)
Collagenase Clostridium histolyticum is an investigational nonsurgical treatment for Peyronie disease. In this phase 2b, double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled study we determined the safety and efficacy of collagenase C. histolyticum and assessed a patient reported outcome questionnaire. A total of
F T D Kaplan
Drugs of today (Barcelona, Spain : 1998), 47(9), 653-667 (2011-10-06)
Collagenase clostridium histolyticum is a novel treatment for Dupuytren's contracture, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in February 2010. Prior to its availability, surgery was the only treatment for contracture related to this disorder. Dupuytren's disease is a
Fanny Guimont-Desrochers et al.
Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), 182(9), 5193-5197 (2009-04-22)
The combined phenotypic expression of CD11c(low)B220(+)CD122(+)DX5(+) has been used to define a novel cell type termed IFN-producing killer dendritic cells (IKDC). IKDC readily produce IFN-gamma and demonstrate spontaneous cytotoxic activity toward tumors, suggesting that a modulation of IKDC number may
R Foissac et al.
Chirurgie de la main, 32(4), 199-205 (2013-07-17)
Dupuytren's disease is a disorder of the palmar aponeurosis responsible for apparition of pathological collagen cords that will gradually lead to a digital retraction. These cords cause functional disability to the hand with a real handicap for the patient. No
Electrophoretic cytopathology resolves ERBB2 forms with single-cell resolution
Kang CC, et al.
npj precision oncology, 2(1), 10-10 (2018)
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