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Enzymatic Assay of Nuclease S1
Enzymatic Assay of Nuclease S1
Enzymatic Assay of L-Lactic Dehydrogenase (EC
This procedure applies to all products from heart muscle that have a specification for L-Lactic Dehydrogenase activity.
Enzymatic Assay of β-Glucuronidase (EC from E. coli
Objective: To standardize a procedure for the enzymatic assay of β-Glucuronidase.
Enzymatic Assay of Lipase Type XIII from Pseudomonas sp. Using a Coupled Enzyme System of Glycerol Kinase and Glycerophosphate Oxidase (EC
Enzymatic assay of lipase type XIII from Pseudomonas sp. using a coupled enzyme system of glycerol kinase and glycerophosphate oxidase (EC
Enzymatic Assay of Hyaluronidase (
This procedure may be used for Hyaluronidase products.
Trophoblast Protocol
This protocol describes a method for culturing TS cell lines. These cells can then be used to study trophoblast differentiation and placental function.
Guidelines for Bioassays on MultiScreen Filter Plates: Protein Binding and Cell Loading
Guidelines for various bioassays on the MultiScreen system, which makes it possible to carry out an assay from sample incubation to scintillation counting in a 96-well plate.