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Xu Yu et al.
Biosensors & bioelectronics, 66, 520-526 (2014-12-17)
A novel highly sensitive colorimetric assay for DNA detection using cascade amplification strategy based on hybridization chain reaction and enzyme-induced metallization was established. The DNA modified superparamagnetic beads were demonstrated to capture and enrich the target DNA in the hybridization
Akito Takeuchi et al.
Journal of occupational health, 54(4), 340-343 (2012-07-21)
The purpose of this research was to develop a simultaneous determination method for monoethanol-amine (MEA) and diethanolamine (DEA) in workplace air for risk assessment. The characteristics of the proposed method, such as recovery, quantitation limit, reproducibility and storage stability of
A R W Smith et al.
Journal of applied microbiology, 105(6), 2161-2168 (2009-01-06)
This study investigates the effects of N-(n-dodecyl)diethanolamine (DDA) on enzymes and growing cells of Escherichia coli NCIMB 8277. Enzyme activities in the presence of DDA were determined by measuring substrate-dependent oxygen consumption by whole cells, or of NADH formation or
Kevin Guo et al.
Journal of chromatography. A, 1218(23), 3689-3694 (2011-05-06)
We report a novel two-dimensional (2D) separation strategy aimed at improving the detectability of liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) for metabolome analysis. It is based on the use of ion-pairing (IP) reversed-phase (RP) LC as the first dimension separation to
Siou-Yin Chen et al.
Inorganic chemistry, 51(8), 4448-4457 (2012-04-05)
The synthesis, X-ray crystallography, magnetic properties, and high-field electron paramagnetic resonance (HFEPR) of a new heptanuclear manganese complex [Mn(7)(heamp)(6)](ClO(4))(2)·4CH(2)Cl(2)·H(2)O (complex 2), in which heampH(3) is 2-[N,N-di(2-hydroxyethyl)aminomethyl]phenol (compound 1), is reported. Complex 2 has a hexagonal, disk-shaped topology and contains six
Byung Ha Chung et al.
Transplant immunology, 30(4), 159-167 (2014-04-09)
B lymphocytes are known to play a role in kidney transplantation (KT) outcomes. Here, we evaluated the proportion of B cell subsets before and after KT. Twenty-one patients, who showed stable allograft function without acute rejection in the month following
N S Rasmussen et al.
Scandinavian journal of rheumatology, 44(2), 143-149 (2015-01-07)
We investigated the antibody levels against early antigens of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), cytomegalovirus (CMV), and human herpesvirus 6 (HHV6) in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients and healthy controls, and further correlated these antibodies to haematology/biochemistry, serology, and disease activity measures.
Joo Yeon Jhun et al.
Scandinavian journal of gastroenterology, 50(7), 884-891 (2015-04-12)
Previous observations on immune dysfunction in decompensated cirrhosis have raised the possibility of B-cell impairment. B-cell subsets in decompensated cirrhotic patients were investigated. Twenty-six decompensated cirrhotic patients and 26 healthy controls were included in this study. The percentages of B-cell
Katia Garcia Duardo et al.
Vaccine, 33(35), 4292-4299 (2015-05-25)
Vaccine preparations based on the extracellular domain of Her1 (Her1-ECD) have demonstrated, in vitro and in vivo, a potent antimetastatic effect on EGFR(+) Lewis lung carcinoma model, while associated side effects were absent. The Her1-ECD is a glycoprotein with a
Monitoring of Chemical Speciation of DEA-CO2-Water System by Raman Spectroscopy.
Shahid MZ, et al.
Advanced Materials Research, 1113, 358-363 (2015)
Pingsong Wu et al.
Chemistry & biodiversity, 5(10), 1913-1926 (2008-10-31)
Vanadate-dependent peroxidases contain, in their active center, vanadate covalently attached to histidine in an overall trigonal-bipyramidal array. We describe here the synthesis and characterization of optically active amino alcohols and their vanadium(V) complexes, and we show that the structural models
Guangye Wang et al.
Molecular medicine reports, 12(1), 877-884 (2015-03-31)
The differentiation of pluripotent mesenchymal stem cells to mature osteoblasts is crucial for the maintenance of the adult skeleton. In rheumatic arthritis, osteoblast differentiation is impaired by the overproduction of cytokine tumor necrosis factor (TNF)‑α. It has been demonstrated that
Sigridur Jonsdottir et al.
Veterinary immunology and immunopathology, 166(1-2), 8-21 (2015-05-26)
Insect bite hypersensitivity (IBH) is an allergic dermatitis of horses caused by bites of midges (Culicoides spp.). IgE-mediated reactions are often involved in the pathogenesis of this disease. IBH does not occur in Iceland due to the absence of Culicoides
Mabel Enriquez-Algeciras et al.
Journal of neuroscience research, 93(9), 1388-1398 (2015-03-25)
Astrocytes respond to environmental cues, including changes in temperatures. Increased deimination, observed in many progressive neurological diseases, is thought to be contributed by astrocytes. We determined the level of deimination and expression of peptidyl arginine deiminase 2 (PAD2) in isolated
Karri Visweswara Rao et al.
Journal of chromatographic science, 52(9), 1051-1058 (2013-10-31)
A novel and reproducible isocratic normal phase liquid chromatographic method was developed for the quantitative determination of 10 stereoisomers of Nebivolol in pharmaceutical bulk drugs and dosage forms. The method was developed using an amylose-based chiral stationary phase, Chiralpak AD-3
Nicole von Burg et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 111(35), 12835-12840 (2014-08-20)
Group 3 innate lymphoid cells (ILC3s) have emerged as important cellular players in tissue repair and innate immunity. Whether these cells meaningfully regulate adaptive immune responses upon activation has yet to be explored. Here we show that upon IL-1β stimulation
Clive Bate et al.
BMC biology, 6, 8-8 (2008-02-14)
The transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs), otherwise known as the prion diseases, occur following the conversion of the normal cellular prion protein (PrPC) to an alternatively folded isoform (PrPSc). The accumulation of PrPSc within the brain leads to neurodegeneration through an
Nayoun Kim et al.
Stem cells and development, 24(23), 2808-2821 (2015-09-29)
Interleukin (IL)-21, a proinflammatory cytokine, has been developed as an immunotherapeutic approach due to its effects on various lymphocytes, including natural killer (NK) cells and T cells; however, the clinical success in cancer patients has been limited. Recently, mesenchymal stem
Kenji Shirai et al.
Archives of virology, 160(3), 765-775 (2015-01-22)
Japanese encephalitis (JE) is the most important form of viral encephalitis in Asia. The critical factors determining mortality and severity of JE virus (JEV) infection remain unclear. We identified brain-infiltrating T cells associated with a fatal outcome of JEV infection
Shiguo Sun et al.
Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003), (38)(38), 7969-7974 (2009-09-23)
A series of ruthenium(II) tris-bipyridyl complexes covalently linked with different amine reductants such as tripropylamine (TPrA), ethanolamine and diethanolamine for an electrochemiluminescence (ECL) system have been synthesized. Their ECL property at different working electrodes has been studied with and without
G Libralato et al.
Journal of hazardous materials, 176(1-3), 535-539 (2009-12-22)
Monoethanolamine (MEA), diethanolamine (DEA) and triethanolamine (TEA) are compounds with potential acute, sub-chronic and chronic toxicity effects towards aquatic species. A literature review highlighted the existence of a gap in the knowledge on their toxicity with saltwater testing species. A
Honghui Yu et al.
Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), 193(6), 2902-2910 (2014-08-15)
Anti-D can prevent immunization to the RhD Ag on RBCs, a phenomenon commonly termed Ab-mediated immune suppression (AMIS). The most accepted theory to explain this effect has been the rapid clearance of RBCs. In mouse models using SRBC, these xenogeneic
Giampaolo Cattozzo et al.
Clinica chimica acta; international journal of clinical chemistry, 411(11-12), 882-885 (2010-03-17)
Harmonization of results allows a more effective utilization of laboratory tests; we verified the feasibility of harmonizing serum alkaline phosphatase results by two methods. Patient sera (n=106) and candidate calibration materials (n=8) were analyzed by two methods, employing either diethanolamine
Ashwini Rahul Akkineni et al.
Acta biomaterialia, 27, 264-274 (2015-09-01)
Additive manufacturing allows to widely control the geometrical features of implants. Recently, we described the fabrication of calcium phosphate cement (CPC) scaffolds by 3D plotting of a storable CPC paste based on water-immiscible carrier liquid. Plotting and hardening is conducted
Ying Peng et al.
PloS one, 10(2), e0115195-e0115195 (2015-02-04)
IL-9/Th9 responses are recently found to be important for innate and adaptive immunity particularly in parasitic infections. To date, the study on the role of IL-9 in bacterial infections is limited and the reported data are contradictory. One reported function
Ken-Ichi Kusumoto et al.
Journal of biomedical materials research. Part A, 91(1), 1-10 (2008-08-07)
Understanding of lipidic materials used for gene delivery system is essential for the effective design and development of potential applications in basic and therapeutic research. This study aimed to evaluate the biological activity of totally synthesized ditetradecylacetyldiethanolaminetrimethylammonium (TMA-C2-DEA-C14) as gene
Choline deficiency associated with diethanolamine carcinogenicity.
Paul M Newberne
Toxicological sciences : an official journal of the Society of Toxicology, 67(1), 1-3 (2002-04-19)
M-L Metzger et al.
Clinical and experimental immunology, 179(2), 256-264 (2014-09-25)
Common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) encompasses a heterogeneous group of antibody deficiencies characterized by susceptibility to recurrent infections and sequelae, including bronchiectasis. We investigated the relevance of the lectin complement pathway in CVID patients by analysing ficolin-2 and ficolin-3 serum levels
IARC monographs on the evaluation of carcinogenic risks to humans, 77, 349-379 (2000-12-02)
Felipe Reviriego et al.
The Journal of organic chemistry, 76(20), 8223-8231 (2011-09-14)
By using an improved synthetic method reported earlier, the cyclic stannoxanes obtained from RN-diethanolamine (R = Me, Bu) and dibutyltin oxide have been reacted with 1H-pyrazole-3,5-dicarbonyl dichloride to afford 26-membered diaza tetraester crowns (1, R = Me; 3, R =
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