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Rossana Canavesi et al.
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis, 97, 141-150 (2014-05-28)
Pantethine (d-bis-(N-pantothenyl-β-aminoethyl)-disulfide, PAN), the stable disulfide form of pantetheine, has beneficial effects in vascular diseases being able to decrease the hyperlipidaemia, moderate the platelet function and prevent the lipid peroxidation. Furthermore, recent studies suggested that PAN may be an effective
Gabriela M B Haverroth et al.
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety, 122, 440-447 (2015-09-20)
Copper is a heavy metal found at relatively high concentrations in surface waters around the world. Copper is a micronutrient at low concentrations and is essential to several organisms. At higher concentrations copper can become toxic, which reveal the importance
Tyson Smyth et al.
Bioconjugate chemistry, 25(10), 1777-1784 (2014-09-16)
A method for conjugation of ligands to the surface of exosomes was developed using click chemistry. Copper-catalyzed azide alkyne cycloaddition (click chemistry) is ideal for biocojugation of small molecules and macromolecules to the surface of exosomes, due to fast reaction
Bhagwan S Batule et al.
International journal of nanomedicine, 10 Spec Iss, 137-142 (2015-09-09)
We developed a simple but efficient method to synthesize protein-inorganic hybrid nanostructures with a flower-like shape (nanoflowers), which relies on sonication to facilitate the synthesis of the nanoflowers. With this technique, we synthesized nanoflowers containing laccase as a model protein
Damijana Urankar et al.
Journal of combinatorial chemistry, 10(6), 981-985 (2008-10-17)
Azoamides, previously established as bioactive intracellular GSH-depleting agents, were decorated with a terminal alkyne moiety to 4 and then were transformed, by copper(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC), into different ligand-arm functionalized azoamides 6. Azides 5 having ligand-arms amenable for binding to
Anna Golunova et al.
Biomacromolecules, 16(4), 1146-1156 (2015-03-03)
The ability to tailor mechanical properties and architecture is crucial in creating macroporous hydrogel scaffolds for tissue engineering. In the present work, a technique for the modification of the pore size and stiffness of acrylamide-based cryogels is demonstrated via the
Yang Zhang et al.
Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences, 960, 52-58 (2014-05-03)
A novel TiO2/diatomite composite (TD) was prepared and then characterized by scanning electron microscope (SEM) and Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR). The results of SEM showed that after modification, the porous surface of diatomite was covered with TiO2. Both diatomite and
Mizuha Sakashita et al.
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry, 22(19), 5212-5219 (2014-08-27)
Highly efficient drug carriers targeting hepatocyte is needed for treatment for liver diseases such as liver cirrhosis and virus infections. Galactose or N-acetylgalactosamine is known to be recognized and incorporated into the cells through asialoglycoprotein receptor (ASGPR) that is exclusively
Sun Young Kim et al.
Toxicological sciences : an official journal of the Society of Toxicology, 148(1), 167-182 (2015-08-12)
Cadmium (Cd(2+)) is a major environmental pollutant that induces cytotoxicity by heavy-metal accumulation. Prolonged Cd(2+) exposure leads to cell damage by oxidative stress mainly in the kidneys, a critical organ for detoxification. To identify reliable on invasive protein biomarkers for
Preparation of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films by sulfurization of co-electroplated Cu-Zn-Sn precursors.
Araki H, et al.
Physica Status Solidi, 6(5), 1266-1268 (2009)
Zhiguo Li et al.
Chemphyschem : a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry, 15(11), 2247-2251 (2014-05-08)
The Cu(I) -catalyzed 1,3-dipolar azide-alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC) has arisen as one of the most useful chemical transformations for introducing complexity onto surfaces and materials owing to its functional-group tolerance and high yield. However, methods for monitoring such reactions in situ
Sofia Amadori et al.
Journal of materials science. Materials in medicine, 26(2), 69-69 (2015-01-30)
Sterilization through γ-irradiation has been reported to affect collagen mechanical properties, but its possible effects on gelatin based materials have not been investigated up to now. Herein we report the results of a mechanical, chemical and thermal study performed on
Yuan Chen et al.
Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 459(3), 529-533 (2015-03-10)
Apolipoprotein E (ApoE) genotypes are related to clinical presentations in patients with Wilson's disease, indicating that ApoE may play an important role in the disease. However, our understanding of the role of ApoE in Wilson's disease is limited. High copper
Shigehiro Kagaya et al.
Talanta, 147, 342-350 (2015-11-26)
The effect of the molecular weight of polyethyleneimine (PEI), defined as a compound having two or more ethyleneamine units, and of its carboxymethylation rate (CM/N), represented by the ratio of ion-exchange capacity to the amount of N on the resin
Özge Erdemli et al.
Journal of biomaterials applications, 29(4), 524-542 (2014-05-24)
Anti-tumor necrosis factor α (TNFα) drugs such as etanercept (ETN) have been mostly used in systemic treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. To eliminate the side effects in long-term treatments and to achieve a local sustained anti-inflammatory effect, a controlled drug delivery
Fengwei Tian et al.
PloS one, 10(11), e0143318-e0143318 (2015-11-26)
Lactobacillus plantarum CCFM8246, which has a relatively strong copper binding capacity and tolerance to copper ions, was obtained by screening from 16 lactic acid bacteria in vitro. The selected strain was then applied to a mouse model to evaluate its
R Freiry et al.
Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology, 93(4), 442-445 (2014-08-30)
The sensitivity of Danio rerio to three chemicals was compared at two growth stages [larval (10 ± 2 after hatching) and post-larval (60 ± 4 days after hatching)] based on acute toxicity tests. Thirty-nine 48 h acute toxicity tests were
Copper (II) Sulfate.
Hoffman RV, et al.
e-EROS Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis. (2007)
Yan Wang et al.
Pharmaceutical research, 31(11), 3106-3119 (2014-05-23)
Although Cu complexes have been investigated as anticancer agents, there has been no description of Cu itself as a cancer killing agent. A stealth liposomal Cu formulation (LpCu) was studied in vitro and in vivo. LpCu was evaluated in prostate
Wei Zhao et al.
Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003), (8)(8), 1509-1517 (2005-04-13)
Three novel metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), [Cu(1)SO4].H2O (4), [Cu2(2)2(SO4)2].4H2O (5) and [Cu(3)(H2O)]SO4.5.5H2O (6), were obtained by hydrothermal reactions of CuSO4.5H2O with the corresponding ligands, which have different flexibility. The structures of the synthesized complexes were determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction analyses.
Elaine L Ferguson et al.
Molecular pharmaceutics, 11(12), 4437-4447 (2014-11-02)
Polymer therapeutics offer potential benefits in the treatment of multidrug resistant (MDR) infections; affording targeted delivery of biologically active agents to the site of inflammation, potential decreases in systemic toxicity, and the retention of antimicrobial activity at the target site.
Surendra Vutti et al.
Chembiochem : a European journal of chemical biology, 16(5), 782-791 (2015-03-05)
Stable primary functionalization of metal surfaces plays a significant role in reliable secondary attachment of complex functional molecules used for the interfacing of metal objects and nanomaterials with biological systems. In principle, this can be achieved through chemical reactions either
Meritxell Navarro-Reig et al.
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 407(29), 8835-8847 (2015-09-26)
The comprehensive analysis of untargeted metabolomics data acquired using LC-MS is still a major challenge. Different data analysis tools have been developed in recent years such as XCMS (various forms (X) of chromatography mass spectrometry) and multivariate curve resolution alternating
Che-Fan Huang et al.
Journal of peptide science : an official publication of the European Peptide Society, 21(2), 114-119 (2015-01-06)
Protein oxidation by reactive oxygen species has been associated with aging and neurodegenerative disorders, and histidine is one of the major oxidation targets due to its metal-chelating property and susceptibility to metal-catalyzed oxidation. 2-Oxohistidine, the major product of histidine oxidation
Gaulthier Rydzek et al.
ACS nano, 8(5), 5240-5248 (2014-04-18)
Simple preparation methods of chemically versatile and highly functionalizable surfaces remain rare and present a challenging research objective. Here, we demonstrate a simultaneous electropolymerization and electro-click functionalization process (SEEC) for one-pot self-construction of aniline- and naphthalene-based functional polymer films where
Copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate (CuSO4. 5H2O): a green catalyst for solventless acetylation of alcohols and phenols with acetic anhydride.
Heravi MM, et al.
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society, 17(5), 1045-1047 (2006)
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