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S Bala Tripura Sundari et al.
Indian journal of experimental biology, 45(7), 603-609 (2007-09-08)
Iodine deficiency disorders affect reproductive performance in the afflicted populations. Environmental iodine deficiency (ID) and goitrogens are important in their aetiology. We observed earlier that chronic maternal dietary ID but not goitrogen feeding altered the blood-brain barrier nutrient transport in
Yan-Ping Zhou et al.
Analytical sciences : the international journal of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry, 23(7), 793-798 (2007-07-13)
In the present study, a dry film-based Fourier transformed-infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopic technique, coupled with boosting support vector regression (BSVR), was employed for a blood glucose assay. Potassium thiocyanate (KSCN) was taken in the dry-film method as an internal standard to
Xiao-Ming Zhu et al.
International journal of nanomedicine, 7, 953-964 (2012-03-07)
To compare the cellular uptake efficiency and cytotoxicity of aminosilane (SiO(2)-NH(2))-coated superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO@SiO(2)-NH(2)) nanoparticles with three other types of SPIO nanoparticles coated with SiO(2) (SPIO@SiO(2)), dextran (SPIO@dextran), or bare SPIO in mammalian cell lines. Four types of monodispersed
A I Gordienko et al.
Ukrains'kyi biokhimichnyi zhurnal (1999 ), 78(6), 78-85 (2007-05-15)
The features of interaction of native and chaotropically modified immunoglobulins with proteins (ovalbumin) and glicolipids (lipopolysaccharides, LPS) enterobacteria Escherichia coli K235, Salmonella minnesota and Salmonella enteritidis have been investigated. It has been established, that after processing of native antibodies with
James Claffey et al.
Metallomics : integrated biometal science, 1(6), 511-517 (2009-11-01)
The well-known anticancer drug candidate bis-[(p-methoxybenzyl)cyclopentadienyl] titanium(IV) dichloride (Titanocene ) was reacted with sodium azide or potassium cyanate, thiocyanate or selenocyanate in order to give pseudo-halide analogues of Titanocene . and were characterised by single crystal X-ray diffraction, which confirmed
Potassium Thiocyanate as Source of Cyanide for the Oxidative α-Cyanation of Tertiary Amines.
Wagner A and Ofial AR.
The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 80(5), 2848-2854 (2015)
A Botti et al.
The journal of physical chemistry. B, 113(29), 10014-10021 (2009-07-03)
The results of a neutron diffraction experiment performed on aqueous solutions of KSCN are analyzed and discussed in comparison with similar data for KCl and KOH solutions. The effect of the different ions on the structure of water and the
Synthesis of diaryl thioethers from aryl halides and potassium thiocyanate.
Hajipour AR, et al.
Applied Organometallic Chemistry, 28(12), 879-879 (2014)
Zhi Huang et al.
Wei sheng wu xue bao = Acta microbiologica Sinica, 46(3), 401-405 (2006-08-29)
Three Se-containing allophycocyanins (Se-APC) with high purity were purified from Se rich Spirulina platensis (Se-sp.) by hydroxyapatite chromatography, DEAE-52 anion-exchange chromatography and native gel preparative electrophoresis. Their biochemicial properties were explored by spectral scanning and electrophoresis analysis of Native-PAGE, SDS-PAGE
Fei Wang et al.
The Journal of organic chemistry, 77(8), 4148-4151 (2012-03-27)
A concise approach to various benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one derivatives has been developed by copper-catalyzed the reaction of o-bromobenzamide derivatives with potassium thiocyanate (KSCN) in water. The reaction proceeds via a tandem reaction with S-C bond and S-N bond formation.
Akifumi Eguchi et al.
Archives of environmental contamination and toxicology, 67(1), 29-41 (2014-04-11)
Perchlorate (ClO4 (-)) and thiocyanate (SCN(-)) interfere with iodide (I(-)) uptake by the sodium/iodide symporter, and thereby these anions may affect the production of thyroid hormones (THs) in the thyroid gland. Although human exposure to perchlorate and thiocyanate has been studied
Xiang Han et al.
Yao xue xue bao = Acta pharmaceutica Sinica, 42(2), 111-117 (2007-05-24)
Even though chemistry is now in place that potentially allows high coupling efficiencies to be attained, successful coupling is usually a challenge when so-called "difficult sequences" is encountered in peptide synthesis. Some factors that affect the coupling efficiency have been
Chantel N Jensen et al.
Chembiochem : a European journal of chemical biology, 16(6), 968-976 (2015-03-05)
The FAD-dependent monooxygenase HbpA from Pseudomonas azelaica HBP1 catalyses the hydroxylation of 2-hydroxybiphenyl (2HBP) to 2,3-dihydroxybiphenyl (23DHBP). HbpA has been used extensively as a model for studying flavoprotein hydroxylases under process conditions, and has also been subjected to directed-evolution experiments
Dan Zhao et al.
The Analyst, 140(24), 8157-8164 (2015-11-17)
A novel, highly sensitive and selective dual-readout (colorimetric and fluorometric) sensor based on fluorescent carbon dots (CDs) and unmodified gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) for the detection of thiocyanate (SCN(-)) was proposed. Amino-functionalized CDs could be readily adsorbed onto the surface of
Abdolraouf Samadi-Maybodi et al.
Luminescence : the journal of biological and chemical luminescence, 23(1), 42-48 (2008-01-05)
Visible oscillating chemiluminescence (CL) of luminol-H2O2-KSCN-CuSO4 was studied using the organic base (2-hydroxyethyl)trimethylammonium hydroxide. The effect of concentrations of luminol, H2O2, KSCN, CuSO4 and the base were investigated in a batch reactor. This report shows how the concentration of components
Yaşar Demir et al.
Indian journal of biochemistry & biophysics, 44(4), 252-256 (2007-11-01)
Four isoenzymes of carbonic anhydrase (CA) were purified from Elephas Irogontherii (steppe elephant) bone (approx 0.3-0.5 million years old) from different locations (outer peripheral, cytosolic, inner peripheral and integral) using Sepharose 4B-L-tyrosine sulphanilamide affinity chromatography and their kinetics properties were
Guillaume Louit et al.
The Analyst, 134(2), 250-255 (2009-01-29)
We describe in this article the development of a new method for the determination of rate constants of reaction of the hydroxyl radical, generated by radiolysis of water, with almost any possible molecule. It has been designed to provide a
N V Khimich et al.
Ukrains'kyi biokhimichnyi zhurnal (1999 ), 84(3), 26-30 (2012-08-07)
It is established, that native and chaotropically modified immunoglobulins essentially differ by avidity and character of competitive inhibition of binding with protein (ovalbumin), glycolipid (lipopolysaccharides) antigens and native double-strand DNA. Apparently, it is connected with structural and functional distinctions of
Bowmaker, G.A. et al.
Inorganic Chemistry, 37, 1734-1734 (1998)
Lei Wu et al.
Biosensors & bioelectronics, 62, 13-18 (2014-06-29)
As thiocyanate (SCN(-)) acts as an important biomarker in human health assessment, there remains an urgent need to realize rapid and reproducible analysis of SCN(-) in body fluids. Here, a droplet microfluidic device has been designed and fabricated for SCN(-)
Meiyun Zhang et al.
Spectrochimica acta. Part A, Molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy, 75(3), 1013-1017 (2010-01-12)
A highly sensitive visible spectrophotometric method has been developed to determine ethamsylate in this paper, which is based on using Cu(II) as spectroscopic probe reagent. The study indicates that in the presence of SCN(-) and KNO(3), Cu(II) is reduced to
Qinjian Zhao et al.
Human vaccines, 2(4), 174-180 (2006-10-03)
The major surface antigen of Hepatitis B virus (HBsAg) is a cysteine-rich, lipid-bound protein with 226 amino acids. Recombinant HBsAg (rHBsAg) with associated lipids can self-assemble into 22-nm immunogenic spherical particles, which are used in licensed Hepatitis B vaccines. Little
Kwon-Chul Noh et al.
The Analyst, 140(24), 8209-8216 (2015-11-12)
A simple and sensitive colorimetric method for the determination of Pb(2+) ions in aqueous samples was developed using 1-(2-mercaptoethyl)-1,3,5-triazinane-2,4,6-trione (MTT) functionalized silver nanoparticles (MTT-AgNPs). The Pb(2+) ion acted as the metal center of the coordination complex, which formed N-Pb(2+)-O coordination
Suvi Kalliokoski et al.
Journal of molecular medicine (Berlin, Germany), 93(1), 51-62 (2014-09-12)
Typical features of celiac disease are small-bowel villus atrophy, crypt hyperplasia, and inflammation which develop gradually concomitant with ingestion of gluten. In addition, patients have anti-transglutaminase 2 (TG2) autoantibodies in their serum and tissues. The aim of this study was
Tiên T K Do et al.
Journal of AOAC International, 98(5), 1226-1233 (2015-11-04)
An HPTLC method is proposed to permit effective screening for the presence of three phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5-Is; sildenafil, vardenafil, and tadalafil) and eight of their analogs (hydroxyacetildenafil, homosildenafil, thiohomosildenafil, acetildenafil, acetaminotadalafil, propoxyphenyl hydroxyhomosildenafil, hydroxyhomosildenafil, and hydroxythiohomosildenafil) in finished
Uğur Sahin et al.
Analytical sciences : the international journal of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry, 24(6), 751-757 (2008-06-12)
A coprecipitation method has been developed for the determination of Cr(III), Mn(II), Fe(III), Co(II), Cu(II), Cd(II) and Pb(II) ions in aqueous samples by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS) with the combination of pyridine, nickel(II) as a carrier element and potassium
Bruce D Mason et al.
Biophysical journal, 99(11), 3792-3800 (2010-11-30)
Liquid-liquid phase separation was studied for a monoclonal antibody in the monovalent salt solutions of KF, KCl, and KSCN under different pH conditions. A modified Carnahan-Starling hard-sphere model was utilized to fit the experimental data, establish the liquid-liquid coexistence curve
Iron (II)-Promoted Synthesis of 2-Aminothiazoles via C=N Bond Formation from Vinyl Azides and Potassium Thiocyanate.
Zhang G, et al.
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 357(5), 1065-1069 (2015)
Barbara Prandi et al.
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 406(19), 4765-4775 (2014-05-21)
During wheat digestion, gluten-derived proteolytic resistant peptides are generated, some of them involved in celiac disease. In vitro digestion models able to mimic the peptides generated in the human gastrointestinal tract are extremely useful to assess the pathogenicity of wheat-derived
M H Sorouraddin et al.
Luminescence : the journal of biological and chemical luminescence, 24(2), 115-122 (2008-09-13)
In this paper, oscillating chemiluminescence (CL), 1,10-phenanthroline H2O2-KSCN-CuSO4-NaOH system, was studied in a batch reactor. The system described is a novel, slowly damped oscillating CL system, generated by coupling the well-known Epstein-Orban, H2O2-KSCN-CuSO4-NaOH chemical oscillator reaction with the CL reaction
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