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Minmin Zhang et al.
Chemphyschem : a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry, 15(12), 2569-2574 (2014-05-23)
Liquid-crystal (LC) droplet patterns are formed on a glass slide by evaporating a solution of nematic LC dissolved in heptane. In the presence of an anionic phospholipid, 1,2-dioleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phospho-rac-(1-glycerol) (DOPG), the LCs display a dark cross pattern, indicating a homeotropic orientation.
Jingjing Wang et al.
Life sciences, 120, 31-38 (2014-12-03)
Myriocin is a fungal metabolite with antiviral activity, including influenza, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C viruses. We investigated whether myriocin has activity against human HSV-2, one of the most prevalent pathogens of sexually transmitted disease. Cell culture systems were used
Richie Khanna et al.
PloS one, 9(7), e102092-e102092 (2014-07-19)
Pompe disease is an inherited lysosomal storage disorder that results from a deficiency in acid α-glucosidase (GAA) activity due to mutations in the GAA gene. Pompe disease is characterized by accumulation of lysosomal glycogen primarily in heart and skeletal muscles
Xiangjiang Liu et al.
Scientific reports, 5, 17167-17167 (2015-12-01)
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) can significantly boost the inherently weak Raman scattering signal and provide detailed structural information and binding nature of the molecules on the surface. Despite the long history of this technology, SERS has yet to become a
Beatrice N Vetter et al.
BMC infectious diseases, 15, 468-468 (2015-10-30)
The detection of HIV-1 p24 antigen in diagnostic tests relies on antibodies binding to conserved areas of the protein to cover the full range of HIV-1 subtypes. Using a panel of 43 different virus-like particles (VLPs) expressing Gag from clinical
Martina Pasini et al.
New biotechnology, 33(1), 78-90 (2015-09-04)
The over-expression of proteins in recombinant host cells often requires a significant amount of resources causing an increase in the metabolic load for the host. This results in a variety of physiological responses leading to altered growth parameters, including growth
Aline R Schindler et al.
Clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine, 53(5), 801-808 (2014-10-03)
The parallelization of clinically relevant antigens in a microarray format is of growing importance due to the ability to measure multiple antigen-antibody interactions. With the development of a microarray for the detection of antiphospholipid antibodies we focussed on one important
Loreen O Villacorte et al.
Water research, 70, 300-312 (2014-12-30)
Transparent exopolymer particles (TEP) and their precursors produced by phyto-/bacterio-planktons in fresh and marine aquatic environments are increasingly considered as a major contributor to organic/particulate and biological fouling in micro-/ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis membrane (RO) systems. However, currently established methods
Keisuke Sato et al.
Nanoscale, 6(11), 6092-6101 (2014-05-03)
Inorganic/organic hybrid radial heterojunction solar cells that combine vertically-aligned n-type silicon nanowires (SiNWs) with poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrene-sulfonate) (PEDOT:PSS) have great potential for replacing commercial Si solar cells. The chief advantage of such solar cells is that they exhibit higher absorbance for a
Thandavarayan Maiyalagan et al.
Analytical chemistry, 86(15), 7849-7857 (2014-07-16)
Supported tungsten carbide is an efficient and vital nanomaterial for the development of high-performance, sensitive, and selective electrochemical sensors. In this work, tungsten carbide with tube-like nanostructures (WC NTs) supported platinum nanoparticles (PtNPs) are synthesized and explored as an efficient
Fengcheng Li et al.
Bioresource technology, 130, 629-637 (2013-01-22)
Xylans are the major hemicelluloses in grasses, but their effects on biomass saccharification remain unclear. In this study, we examined the 79 representative Miscanthus accessions that displayed a diverse cell wall composition and varied biomass digestibility. Correlation analysis showed that
Wenchao Sheng et al.
Nature communications, 6, 5848-5848 (2015-01-09)
The hydrogen oxidation/evolution reactions are two of the most fundamental reactions in distributed renewable electrochemical energy conversion and storage systems. The identification of the reaction descriptor is therefore of critical importance for the rational catalyst design and development. Here we
J E Ledgerwood et al.
Clinical and experimental immunology, 182(3), 289-301 (2015-09-04)
VRC-HIVMAB060-00-AB (VRC01) is a broadly neutralizing HIV-1 monoclonal antibody (mAb) isolated from the B cells of an HIV-infected patient. It is directed against the HIV-1 CD4 binding site and is capable of potently neutralizing the majority of diverse HIV-1 strains.
Eshwar Jagerdeo et al.
Journal of analytical toxicology, 39(2), 83-88 (2014-11-30)
The abuse of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) and its suspicion in cases of suspected drug-facilitated sexual assault is of keen interest to forensic toxicology laboratories. This paper reports an extraction, separation and detection procedure for GHB in hair utilizing a combination
N Daskalakis et al.
Environmental technology, 34(17-20), 2599-2606 (2014-02-18)
The aim of this study was to identify the heavy metals forms (exchangeable and bound to carbonate, Fe/Mn oxides, bound to organic matter and sulphide, and residual) associated with different fractions of excess sludge produced by a membrane bioreactor (MBR).
Tristan Gollnest et al.
Nature communications, 6, 8716-8716 (2015-10-28)
The antiviral activity of nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors is often limited by ineffective phosphorylation. We report on a nucleoside triphosphate (NTP) prodrug approach in which the γ-phosphate of NTPs is bioreversibly modified. A series of TriPPPro-compounds bearing two lipophilic masking
Zoe M Smith et al.
Talanta, 130, 221-225 (2014-08-28)
Previous applications of manganese(IV) as a chemiluminescence reagent have required the use of formaldehyde to enhance the emission intensity to analytically useful levels. However, this known human carcinogen (by inhalation) is not ideal for routine application. A wide range of
Nandita Sarker et al.
BioMed research international, 2015, 720341-720341 (2015-12-01)
The present study was undertaken to determine the heavy metal levels and the physicochemical parameters (pH, electrical conductivity (EC), and ash, moisture, and total sugar content) of honeys from Bangladesh. Three different floral honeys were investigated, namely, khalsi (Aegiceras corniculatum)
Margaret Simons et al.
Plant physiology, 166(3), 1659-1674 (2014-09-25)
Maize (Zea mays) is an important C4 plant due to its widespread use as a cereal and energy crop. A second-generation genome-scale metabolic model for the maize leaf was created to capture C4 carbon fixation and investigate nitrogen (N) assimilation
Mauricio Mora-Pale et al.
Biotechnology and bioengineering, 112(12), 2417-2428 (2015-06-26)
Plant polyphenols are known to have varying antimicrobial potencies, including direct antibacterial activity, synergism with antibiotics and suppression of bacterial virulence. We performed the in vitro oligomerization of resveratrol catalyzed by soybean peroxidase, and the two isomers (resveratrol-trans-dihydrodimer and pallidol)
Cholpon Rustemkyzy et al.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 63(44), 9831-9838 (2015-10-27)
Iodine deficiency is a public health problem that is easily prevented in many countries through having a salt iodization program. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that particular population groups including infants and young children have a sufficient level
Udesh Dhawan et al.
Journal of nanobiotechnology, 13, 79-79 (2015-11-11)
Nitric oxide (NO) plays a very important role in the cardiovascular system as a major secondary messenger in signaling pathway. Its concentration regulates most of the important physiological indexes including the systemic blood pressure, blood flow, regional vascular tone and
Andrea M Binnebose et al.
PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 9(10), e0004173-e0004173 (2015-10-27)
Filarial diseases represent a significant social and economic burden to over 120 million people worldwide and are caused by endoparasites that require the presence of symbiotic bacteria of the genus Wolbachia for fertility and viability of the host parasite. Targeting
Xiaodan Cao et al.
Experimental parasitology, 146, 43-51 (2014-10-11)
The excretory/secretory (ES) proteins of schistosomes play important roles in modulating host immune systems and are regarded as potential vaccine candidates and drug targets. Protein disulfide isomerase (PDI) is an essential enzyme that is involved in disulfide bond formation and
M N U Al Mahmud et al.
Environmental monitoring and assessment, 187(12), 743-743 (2015-11-13)
This study was conducted to monitor the spread of dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) and its metabolites (dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene (DDE), dichlorodiphenyldichloroethane (DDD)) in soil and water to regions surrounding a closed DDT factory in Bangladesh. This fulfillment was accomplished using inter-method and inter-laboratory validation
Elizabeth N Ndunda et al.
Environmental science. Processes & impacts, 17(12), 2101-2109 (2015-11-13)
The need for continuous monitoring of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) has necessitated the development of analytical techniques that are sensitive and selective with minimal reagent requirement. In light of this, we developed a column for clean-up of soil and sediment extracts
Jessica Le Ven et al.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 62(34), 8696-8704 (2014-08-05)
Epidemiological and toxicological studies have suggested Annonaceaeous acetogenins to be environmental neurotoxins responsible for sporadic atypical parkinsonism/dementia in tropical areas. These compounds are present in the tropical genus Annona (Annonaceae), known for its fruit-yielding cultivated species such as Annona cherimolia.
J Gamble et al.
Environmental research, 35(1), 30-52 (1984-10-01)
The effects of long-term exposure to sulfuric acid mist on the teeth and respiratory system were studied in 248 workers in five plants manufacturing lead acid batteries. The prevalence of cough, phlegm, dyspnea, and wheezing as determined by questionnaire were
Henning Schliephake et al.
Journal of clinical periodontology, 42(3), 302-310 (2015-02-03)
To test the immobilization of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF165 ) on the surface of titanium implants using DNA oligonucleotide (ODN) anchor strands for the ability to enhance periimplant bone formation. DNA oligonucleotides were anchored to the surface of sandblasted
Raquel Annoni et al.
Journal of hazardous materials, 244-245, 335-341 (2013-01-01)
In the present study, submerged-arc welding slags were characterized by applying a variety of methods, including X-ray fluorescence, X-ray diffraction, particle size, Raman spectroscopy, and scanning electron microscope with energy dispersive X-ray analysis. The content of Al proved to be
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