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Nanofiber multiwell plate, with aligned nanofibers

size 24 wells

24 well culture plates, 3D, 3D Cell Culture, 3d plates, tissue culture plates


(polycaprolactone (PCL))
flat clear wells
transparent polycaprolactone (PCL)






Nanofiber Solutions 2402


24 wells


suitable for (Tissue engineering, cancer research)

binding type

non-treated surface

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General description

Nanofiber cell culture dishes, multiwell plates and well plate inserts combine the best of 3D and 2D cell culture. The nanofibers are optically transparent to allow for live-cell imaging and real time quantification of cell mobility. The nanofibers mimic the 3D topography in vivo, and can be easily coated with ECM proteins for cancer research. The cells can be simply removed for protein or gene analysis.
The cell culture dishes, plates and inserts are available with either randomly oriented fibers or aligned fibers.

The nanofibers have higher expansion rates, better differentiation control, and has a synthetic surface with no animal contamination, ideal for stem cells research and immunohistochemistry staining. Nanofiber scaffolds can be easily shaped or sized, made from nearly any synthetic or natural polymer for customized tissue engineering. They can then be implanted in vivo or used in vitro. The standard plate dimensions available will work with current automated equipment for high throughput drug discovery needs.

For fluorescent imaging applications, we recommend using the Nanofiber Solutions chamber slides.

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