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BRAND® BLAUBRAND® ETERNA graduated pipette, calibrated to deliver

capacity 0.5 mL , with 0.01 subdivisions





according to DIN 12 697


class AS with batch number
subdivision 0.01 mL


pack of 12


BRAND 28405

measuring range

accuracy: 0.01 mL


0.5 mL , with 0.01 subdivisions

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Features and Benefits

  • BRAND® BLAUBRAND® ETERNA 0.5 mL graduated pipettes allow for easy and accurate volumetric measurement of liquids.
  • Manufactured from high-quality materials that meet the stringent laboratory requirements.
  • Optimized flow geometry in the tip ensures reliable liquid dispensing.
  • The mechanical resilience of the tip and its fire-polished edges enables a long service life.
  • Calibrated to delivery with 5 seconds waiting time.
  • Reduced waiting time and simplified handling.
  • Set the meniscus only once at partial volume.
  • Amber stain clear inscriptions on the pipettes include conformity certification, nominal capacity, error limit, reference temperature, calibration ′Ex′, batch/serial number, and volumetric markings.

Other Notes

BR28405 (India)

Legal Information

AR-Glas is a registered trademark of Schott AG
BLAUBRAND is a registered trademark of BRAND GMBH + CO KG
BRAND is a registered trademark of BRAND GMBH + CO KG

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin


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