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Mitochondria Staining Kit

 kit sufficient for 40 tests (of 5 mL cell suspensions),  kit sufficient for 200 tests (of 1 mL cell suspensions)

JC-1 dye

Quality Level


 kit sufficient for 200 tests (of 1 mL cell suspensions)
 kit sufficient for 40 tests (of 5 mL cell suspensions)


pkg of 1 kit

storage condition

dry at room temperature


flow cytometry: suitable
protein staining: suitable


λex 490 nm; λem 530 nm (green) (JC-1 monomers)
λex 525 nm; λem 590 nm (red) (JC-1 aggregates)


cell analysis

detection method


shipped in

wet ice

storage temp.


General description

In normal cells, the JC-1 dye concentrates in the mitochondrial matrix where it forms red fluorescent aggregates. Any event that dissipates the mitochondrial membrane potential (e.g. apoptosis) prevents the accumulation of the JC-1 dye in the mitochondria and thus, the dye is dispersed throughout the entire cell leading to a shift from red (JC-1-aggregates) to green fluorescence (JC-1 monomers). The fluorescence of the cells stained with this kit may be observed by fluorescence microscopy or measured by fluorimetric and flow cytometry analysis.


The dissipation of the mitochondrial electrochemical potential gradient (Δψ) is known as an early event in apoptosis. This kit offers a fast and convenient method for the detection of changes in mitochondrial inner-membrane electrochemical potential in living cells using the cationic, lipophilic dye, JC-1.

Features and Benefits

Kit offers:
  • A fast, simple, and convenient method for staining and assaying mitochondria intactness
  • Contains all the reagents required for the detection of changes mitochondrial inner-membrane electrochemical potential
  • Contains the antibiotic valinomycin, which can be used as a control agent that prevents JC-1 aggregation
  • The shift in fluorescence is clearly detectable in both green and red channels
  • Suitable for adherent cells as well as cells in suspension
  • Has been tested with Jurkat, U-937, HeLa, NIH3T3 cells
  • The fluorescence signal can be observed by fluorescence microscopy or measured by flow cytometry

Kit Components Only

Product No.

  • DMSO 1 mL

  • JC Staining Buffer 5X 120 mL

  • JC-1 1 mg

  • Valinomycin Ready Made .1 mL

Storage Class Code

10 - Combustible liquids



Flash Point(F)

Not applicable

Flash Point(C)

Not applicable

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Mitochondrial Stress and ROS

Oxidative stress is mediated, in part, by reactive oxygen species produced by multiple cellular processes and controlled by cellular antioxidant mechanisms such as enzymatic scavengers or antioxidant modulators. Free radicals, such as reactive oxygen species, cause cellular damage via cellular.

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