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HPTLC Silica gel 60 F₂₅₄ AMD,extra thin

pkg of 25 plates, plate L × W 20 mm × 10 cm, according to DIN 38407-F11, glass support


glass support
silica gel 60 matrix

Quality Level


according to DIN 38407-F11


pkg of 25 plates


thin layer chromatography (TLC): suitable

layer thickness

100 μm

plate L × W

20 mm × 10 cm

storage temp.


General description

25 Glass plates 20 x 10 cm for AMD acc. to DIN 38407-F11
HPTLC Plates AMD with extra thin layer of only 100 µm have been specially developed for even more demanding application such as automated multiple development (AMD). It combines the repeatedly development of the plate in the same direction and reproducible gradient elution. AMD development provides extremely narrow bands, allowing the complete resolution of to 40 components on 60 mm distance.


Replaces: 11764-6; 11764

Analysis Note

Specific surface area (according to BET; 5-Pt. measurement): 480 - 540 m²/g
Pore volume (N₂-isotherm): 0.74 - 0.84 ml/g
d 50 (laser diffraction, size distribution): 5 - 7 µm
Layer thickness: 80 - 120 µm
Deviation of layer thickness per plate: ≤ 30 µm
Chromatographic testing:
colour test
- bleu vif organol, colour test, lipophile:
14 - 20
- Ceres Black G, colour test, lipophile: 35 - 43
- ceres Violet brn, colour test, lipophile: 52 - 60
separation number (colourtest, lipophile): ≥ 10.0
Typical value determined on a conditioned plate
Eluent: toluene (45% rel. humidity)

Certificate of Analysis

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