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Scaffdex CellVessel insert scaffolds

multifilament copolymer fiber scaffold, diam. 1.7 mm, sterile

3D scaffolds, cell scaffolds




Scaffdex V00001


1.7 mm

fiber L

100 mm



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General description

CellVessel is made of bioabsorbable multifilament (8-filaments) poly-96L/4D-lactide copolymer fiber. Scaffdex′s braided scaffold is made for research purposes, only and it should not be used in any kind of clinical settings. Poly-96L/4D-lactide copolymer has been tested with various cell types and it works especially well with fibroblasts.

CellVessel scaffolds are provided as gamma sterilized and with three widths. The shape of the cross-section of CellVessel varies a little bit from complete round to oval, depending on the size. If further sterilization is needed before cell culturing, ethylene oxide or ethanol rinse to avoid further decreasing of inherent viscosity and strenth properties is suggested.

Note: Should CellVessels be cut into wanted lengths by the use, a light heat treatment of the ends of the two bigger sizes should be done to avoid the unloading of the structure during testing.

Legal Information

CellVessel is a trademark of Scaffdex Oy

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