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PET+® 3D printing filament

sapphire blue, diam. 3 mm


3 mm


1 lbspool


blue, sapphire

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General description


Physical (When Injection Molded)
  • Water Absorption: < 0.015%
  • Rockwell Hardness 102-112 R-Scale

Mechanical (When 3D Printed)
  • Tensile Strength - Yield: 6640 psi
  • Tensile Strength - Break: 2630 psi
  • Elongation - Break: 18%
  • Flexural Strength: 9880 psi
  • Flexural Modulus: 267,000 psi
  • Izod Impact Strength: 0.69 ft lb/in
  • Impact Resistance Energy: 20-25 lbf

Thermal - Heat Distortion Temp
  • at 0.455 Mpa (66 psi): 71.8 °C
  • at 1.82 Mpa (264 psi): 65 °C
  • Vicat Softening Temp: 84 °C
  • Glass Transition Temp: 82 °C

  • Dielectric Strength: 14-18 kV/mm
  • Volume Resistivity: 1015 Ohm cm
  • Surface Resistivity: 1016 Ohm

Flammability - UL Flammability Classification
  • at min. 1.6 thickness: HB
  • at min. 3.2 thickness: V-2


PET+® is stronger than many ABS filaments and has the higher print success rates of PLA. It′s ideal for anything functional that needs toughness with some flex.

Preparation Note

  • Extrusion temp 220-255 °C
  • Suggested initial printing speed: 30 mm/s for perimeters/outlines, 60 mm/s for infill.
  • Suggested top/bottom (roof/floor) thickness: 1.5 mm, or at least 6 solid layers.
  • If layers are not adhering to each other well, try extruding at a higher temperature.
  • Clear PET+ has a higher melting point than the Opaques. Try printing at a higher temperature.
  • Bed surface: Blue painters tape works well, with a heated bed you can also use glass with gluestick applied.
  • Heated bed temperature: 80 °C
  • For a more glossy/transparent look with the clear filament, try increasing your layer height to 0.2 mm or higher, printing faster, and only use a single perimeter.

Legal Information

PET+ is a registered trademark of MadeSolid Inc.

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