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Comparison of expression data requires normalization. The optimum normalization method depends on sample type. The most common method is to normalize to reference genes. It is critical to select appropriate reference genes and validate them, but there are cases when one fails to identify suitable genes for normalization and must use alternatives. There are cases when normalization of a target gene’s expression to another gene’s expression is most unsuitable. In this lecture, we will learn the goals of normalization and how to select the best normalization strategy.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to identify best reference genes for normalization
  • How to select optimum number of reference genes for normalization
  • How to validate reference gene normalization
  • When and how to perform global normalization
  • Alternatives to reference gene normalization and when it should be avoided

Who Should Attend?

  • Students studying mRNA, microRNA or protein expression with any method (qPCR, dPCR, RNASeq, microarray, Nanostring…)
  • Group leaders and PIs planning and designing expression profiling measurements
  • Researchers studying expression biomarkers
  • Researchers developing diagnostic tests based on expression biomarkers
  • Clinical diagnostics professionals interpreting expression based tests

Webinar Information


  • qPCR
  • Duration:45 min

  • Language:English

  • Presented:Wed, December 22, 2021