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Professor Pavel Nagorny

Research in Nagorny group is focused on the areas of organic synthesis and catalysis with the long-term goals of (1) developing and exploring new catalytic transformations, and (2) developing concise syntheses of bioactive natural products (NPs) and using these syntheses as a platform for designing new therapeutic agents for the treatment of human diseases. The design and development of new chiral ligands and catalysts has been one of the important directions in our group. Based on our experiences in chiral phosphoric acid catalysis, our group has designed a new class of spiroketal-based chiral scaffolds termed SPIROLs. The SPIROL-based ligands have demonstrated excellent performance in a variety of Pd-, Rh- and Ir-catalyzed transformations while being easily accessible. Our other efforts in the area of asymmetric catalysis and chiral catalyst and ligand design are dedicated to development of immobilized organic catalysts for catalysis in flow as well as improving the preparation of the existing chiral scaffolds.

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Recent papers from the Nagorny Group

Argüelles AJ, Sun S, Budaitis BG, Nagorny P. 2018. Design, Synthesis, and Application of Chiral C 2-Symmetric Spiroketal-Containing Ligands in Transition-Metal Catalysis. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.. 57(19):5325-5329.
Tay J, Arguelles AJ, Nagorny P. 2015. Direct Interconversion of BINOL and H8-BINOL-Based Chiral Brønsted Acids Using Single-Step Red/Ox Manipulations. Org. Lett.. 17(15):3774-3777.
Tay J, Argüelles AJ, DeMars MD, Zimmerman PM, Sherman DH, Nagorny P. 2017. Regiodivergent Glycosylations of 6-Deoxy-erythronolide B and Oleandomycin-Derived Macrolactones Enabled by Chiral Acid Catalysis. J. Am. Chem. Soc.. 139(25):8570-8578.
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