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Guangbin Dong

Professor Guangbin Dong

The Dong Group at the University of Chicago has been interested in developing new efficient synthetic methods for site-selective functionalization of complex molecules or allowing for streamlined synthesis of common synthetic building blocks. These include transition metal-catalyzed C-C and C-H bond activation of carbonyl compounds, arenes, alcohols, and amines.

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Recent papers from the Dong Group

Wang J, Li R, Dong Z, Liu P, Dong G. 2018. Complementary site-selectivity in arene functionalization enabled by overcoming the ortho constraint in palladium/norbornene catalysis. Nature Chem. 10(8):866-872.
Liu F, Dong Z, Wang J, Dong G. 2019. Palladium/Norbornene-Catalyzed Indenone Synthesis from Simple Aryl Iodides: Concise Syntheses of Pauciflorol F and Acredinone A. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.. 58(7):2144-2148.


  • Organic Synthetic Chemistry
  • Catalysis

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