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Microbiological Media and Detection

Chloe McClanahan

HybriScan™ Detection

Molecular biology-based methods, like PCR, can be used for lactobacilli detection. However, they are often quite expensive. We provide a revolutionary molecular biology method that is rapid, easy, and cost effective. Based on the detection of rRNA, this method completely avoids the need for PCR amplification. The sandwich hybridization test, called HybriScan, is performed on a microtiter plate. The range of lactobacilli detected by HybriScan tests is listed in the table. For more information about the test and the technical principles, please visit


Selective Media for Bifidobacteria

Differentiation Media for Lactobacilli

Nonselective Media for Lactobacilli

Selective Media (by low pH and selective agents) for Lactobacilli