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Kitalysis Photoreactor Controller

Photo KitAlysis™ Starter Kit Components

  • Photo KitAlysisTM LED Controller
  • Blue LED Array (470 nm)
  • Photo KitAlysis Reaction Block
  • Torque screwdriver
  • Small screwdriver

Additional Components (sold separately)

  • Green LED Array (527 nm)
  • White LED Array
Photo Kitalysis Starter Kit

Figure 1.Photo Kitalysis Starter Kit

General Set Up

  1. Plug in the LED array to the rear panel of the controller marked LED Output. Turn the milliamp intensity knob fully clockwise before powering up the controller.
Rear Panel of the Controller

Figure 2.Rear Panel of the Controller

  1. Plug in the mains plug to the rear of the controller marked DC power and the other end from the power supply in to your wall receptacle. This will immediately bring power to the controller.
  2. Place sealed reaction block loaded with reaction vials onto LED array. The reaction block will rest on top of the LED bumps. A sleeve is provided to maintain proper positioning of the reaction block on the LED array. (See Step-by-Step guide for reaction preparation)
  3. Turn on LED array using power switch located on front of controller. Note: Only the central 24 LEDs will illuminate.
Front of Controller

Figure 3.Front of Controller

  1. Adjust light intensity to desired output using milliamp (mA) dial.
  2. Upon completion of the reaction, turn mA dial down ((-), fully clockwise) and turn off LED array with the power switch.

Safety and Notes

  1. CAUTION: This device will produce intense LED photon output, do not look directly into the emitting LED array when operating. Consideration should be given when running at full intensity of 30mA. Unwanted heat is possible over extended periods of time without deploying heat reducing methods.
  2. LED array devices must NOT be bent backward or flexed in any direction. Doing so could possibly break the thin wires imbedded within the device.
  3. All LED array blocks will look similar when not powered up. To determine the color of the LED array either look for the color-coded band near the end plug on the array block (blue, white, or green) or at the bottom of the array block and read the engraved description.
  4. The controller may display “OPEN” on the LED display while the controller is in the LED balancing mode. Adjusting the mA intensity will clear the notification.
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