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Bioanalytical Applications for SPME

Key Features and Benefits

  • Direct sampling of biofluids
  • Easily automated for fast method development
  • Suitable for LC-MS, DESI, DART, and other systems

Figure 1.

Technology Overview

BioSPME Tips, based on SPME, is a fast platform which allows for 1-step bioanalytical LC/MS sample handling (integrated sampling and sample preparation steps), providing the highest throughput of any bioanalytical sample handling technique to date. BioSPME Tips enable direct sampling of biofluids, eliminating the need for time-consuming sample preparation steps used in current bioanalytical analyses. BioSPME Tips are suitable for use with all leading robotics capable of 96-well plate technology for easy automated method development. They are also available in several chemistries, offering unique selectivity for a variety of compound classes; including amphetamines and synthetic amphetamines.


Figure 2.Linearity of Extractions from 100 µL Samples from Rat Plasma with Detection Greater than 10 ng/mL

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