LANEXO™ Lab Inventory, Safety and Compliance Management System

Digitize your lab’s inventory processes and streamline operations by up to 97% with the LANEXO™ System’s real-time consumables tracking software and smart RFID labels.The LANEXO™ System provides tangible time, cost, and quality advantages for everyone in a lab’s ecosystem—from lab managers, department heads, and research scientists, to EHS, quality, procurement, and facility managers.

More Efficient Inventory Management

The LANEXO™ System captures digital data concerning consumables (reagents, standards, samples, and in-house prepared solutions) via RFID labels combined with an intuitive software. This process significantly improves operational efficiency and helps to reduce the time that lab personnel spend on a range of repetitive and error-prone tasks.

  • Enhanced Operational efficiency: Real-time overview of stock levels, tracking location, and monitoring usage of consumables helps experimental planning, improves lab operations, and avoids sunken costs.
  • Reduce Motion Waste: Allows lab personnel to commit their time to more value-added tasks over tedious activities such as manual inventory counts or root cause analysis. Improved operational efficiencies, reduced labor time for staff, and efficient inventory management facilitating overall cost savings.
  • Improved Sustainability: Achieve more sustainable management of chemical stocks based on the ‘first-in/first-out’ principle, resulting in less spoilage and waste of unused or expired consumables

More Reliable Compliance and Quality Checks

The LANEXO™ System supports compliance protocols and reduces safety risks in the lab by automating the traceability of consumables documentation, storage compliance checks, identity checks along with experimental workflows, and nullifying the risk of human error by upstream digital data capture.

LANEXO™ System automated storage incompatibility alert
  • Improved Data Traceability: Scanning smart RFID labels allow simple reagent identity checks and provide automatic alerts to minimize experimental errors.
  • Facilitates regulatory compliance and audit readiness: Each consumable in the system is matched to a time-stamped audit report, documenting the consumables lifecycle from receipt to disposal.
  • Real-time safety and storage compliance monitoring: Improves safety and decreases operational risks in the laboratory with real-time storage compliance monitoring alerts, expiration calculation, and rapid electronic access to critical safety data sheets (SDS).

An Intuitive and Easy-to-Implement Solution

The user-friendly LANEXO™ System provides guidance, support, and alerts for both general operational tasks as well as experimental workflows with real-time, traceable information on compliance documentation and inventory levels and location.

Manage and track chemicals, reagents, intermediates and samples via RFID technology
  • Manage your labs from anywhere: Create a paperless laboratory environment by giving access to real-time digital data on consumables (SDS, owner, opening and expiry dates, location, usage, and disposal information) to all authorized users.
  • Complete lab coverage: Vendor-neutral RFID labels can be applied to your entire inventory of consumable reagents in the lab, whether sold by us or other suppliers, to ensure you have complete lab coverage.
  • Easy integration to workflows: Straightforward implementation process allows easy set-up and integration into existing workstreams.

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