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Device Validation for Microbiology Testing Technologies - Food & Beverages

People You Can Trust

Depending on the scope of your project, we can assemble a team of experienced scientists with expertise in membrane filtration, molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, spoilage testing.

Methods You Can Validate

Whatever the assignment is, we know that the goal is validation. We provide method development services to support you achieve testing efficiency, reliability and compliance.

To learn more about our method development services, visit our “Lab services” page.

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Ready When You Need Us

It can take weeks to validate a new test method in-house, especially in today’s busy QC or QA laboratories where time and technicians are often in short supply. Our team of experts is available around the globe to help you validate your new test methods, when you need them.

PQ Consultancy Service

Consulting service for microbiological validation to plan and perform the PQ:

  • On-site support for implementation of the PQ tests
  • Consumables and media calculation
  • Training on recovery test techniques
  • Data formatting and report finalization
  • Scheduling of the tests
  • Data interpretation, comments and conclusion

*Available for EZ-Fluo system

To learn more about our system qualification services, visit our “Systems Qualification” page.