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Xin-Hua Lu et al.
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 19(6), 8518-8532 (2014-06-25)
The fruit physico-chemical properties, antioxidant activity and mineral contents of 26 pineapple [Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.] genotypes grown in China were measured. The results showed great quantitative differences in the composition of these pineapple genotypes. Sucrose was the dominant sugar
Siriluck Surin et al.
Journal of food science and technology, 51(9), 2062-2069 (2014-09-06)
Longan (Dimocarpus longan Lour.) syrup is a novel liquid sweetener produced from longan, one of the traditional and economic fruits in the Northern of Thailand. In this research, the effect of extraction and concentration processes on properties of longan syrup
Elisa Keating et al.
The Journal of endocrinology, 224(3), 245-259 (2015-02-11)
The aim of this study was to understand whether high folic acid (HFA) exposure during the perigestational period induces metabolic dysfunction in the offspring, later in life. To do this, female Sprague-Dawley rats (G0) were administered a dose of folic
Xiaobei Li et al.
Food chemistry, 166, 358-364 (2014-07-24)
The aim of this research was to study effects of drying methods on the tasty compounds of Pleurotus eryngii, a common commercial edible fungus. In order to maximally maintain the taste of P. eryngii, several different drying methods, including hot
Takuro Nunoura et al.
PloS one, 9(8), e104959-e104959 (2014-08-19)
Strain Hiromi 1, a sulfur-oxidizing gammaproteobacterium was isolated from a hydrothermal vent chimney in the Okinawa Trough and represents a novel genus that may include a phylogenetic group found as endosymbionts of deep-sea gastropods. The SSU rRNA gene sequence similarity
Yuki Doi
Applied and environmental microbiology, 81(6), 2082-2089 (2015-01-13)
Biodiesel waste is a by-product of the biodiesel production process that contains a large amount of crude glycerol. To reuse the crude glycerol, a novel bioconversion process using Enterococcus faecalis was developed through physiological studies. The E. faecalis strain W11
Jae Sue Choi et al.
Archives of pharmacal research, 37(10), 1354-1363 (2014-07-06)
To investigate the effect of C-glycosylation at different positions of luteolin, the structure-activity relationships of luteolin and a pair of isomeric C-glycosylated derivatives orientin and isoorientin, were evaluated. We investigated the effects of C-glycosylation on the antioxidant, anti-Alzheimer's disease (AD)
Junyan Han et al.
Chemico-biological interactions, 227, 37-44 (2015-01-07)
We attempted to determine whether betanin (from natural pigments) that has antioxidant properties would be protective against fructose-induced diabetic cardiac fibrosis in Sprague-Dawley rats. Fructose water solution (30%) was accessed freely, and betanin (25 and 100 mg/kg/d) was administered by
Chen Chen et al.
Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences, 969, 171-180 (2014-09-01)
One challenge facing the purification of therapeutic glycoproteins by affinity chromatography is creating ligands specific for the glycan moiety. Affinity chromatography of glycoproteins is currently conducted with immobilized lectins or boronates, although biomimetic ligands could present a more desirable option.
Raymond N Mutava et al.
Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB, 86, 109-120 (2014-12-02)
Many sources of drought and flooding tolerance have been identified in soybean, however underlying molecular and physiological mechanisms are poorly understood. Therefore, it is important to illuminate different plant responses to these abiotic stresses and understand the mechanisms that confer
Ilkka Kajala et al.
PloS one, 10(1), e0116418-e0116418 (2015-01-21)
Wheat bran offers health benefits as a baking ingredient, but is detrimental to bread textural quality. Dextran production by microbial fermentation improves sourdough bread volume and freshness, but extensive acid production during fermentation may negate this effect. Enzymatic production of
Jérémy Lothier et al.
Planta, 240(3), 629-643 (2014-07-16)
The first 6-fructan exohydrolase (6-FEH) cDNA from Lolium perenne was cloned and characterized. Following defoliation, Lp6 - FEHa transcript level unexpectedly decreased together with an increase in total FEH activity. Lolium perenne is a major forage grass species that accumulates
Kazuhiko Nakamura et al.
Scandinavian journal of gastroenterology, 50(4), 413-422 (2015-01-31)
The criteria for endoscopic resection for early gastric cancer include absolute and expanded indications. Consensus already exists for the absolute indications. However, the suitability of the expanded indications must be validated by long-term outcome analyses since such lesions have only
Davide Raccuglia et al.
The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 34(48), 16086-16092 (2014-11-28)
GABAergic modulation of neuronal activity plays a crucial role in physiological processes including learning and memory in both insects and mammals. During olfactory learning in honeybees (Apis mellifera) and Drosophila melanogaster the temporal relation between excitatory cholinergic and inhibitory GABAergic
Nataliya Petryk et al.
PloS one, 9(12), e112263-e112263 (2014-12-06)
The transcriptional regulator HAP4, induced by respiratory substrates, is involved in the balance between fermentation and respiration in S. cerevisiae. We identified putative orthologues of the Hap4 protein in all ascomycetes, based only on a conserved sixteen amino acid-long motif.
Angelica Dessì et al.
The journal of maternal-fetal & neonatal medicine : the official journal of the European Association of Perinatal Medicine, the Federation of Asia and Oceania Perinatal Societies, the International Society of Perinatal Obstetricians, 27 Suppl 2, 34-38 (2014-10-07)
The objective of our study was to evaluate the capability of the metabolomics approach to identify the variations of urine metabolites over time related to the neonatal fungal septic condition. The study population included a clinical case of a preterm
Andrea Krähmer et al.
Food chemistry, 181, 152-159 (2015-03-22)
The qualitative heterogeneity and increasing consumption of cocoa products require fast and efficient methods for quality assessment of fermented cocoa with regard to fermentation quality and flavor potential. To date, quality control is achieved by visual inspection (e.g., "cut test")
Azusa Saika et al.
Journal of bacteriology, 197(8), 1350-1359 (2015-02-04)
Recombinant Ralstonia eutropha strain PHB(-)4 expressing the broad-substrate-specificity polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) synthase 1 from Pseudomonas sp. strain 61-3 (PhaC1Ps) synthesizes a PHA copolymer containing the branched side-chain unit 3-hydroxy-4-methylvalerate (3H4MV), which has a carbon backbone identical to that of leucine. Mutant
H-J Sun et al.
Acta physiologica (Oxford, England), 212(4), 267-282 (2014-10-14)
Cardiac sympathetic afferent reflex (CSAR) participates in sympathetic over-excitation. Superoxide anions and angiotensin II (Ang II) mechanisms are associated with sympathetic outflow and CSAR in the paraventricular nucleus (PVN). This study was designed to investigate whether PVN superoxide anions mediate
Le T Duong et al.
Molecular cancer therapeutics, 13(12), 2898-2909 (2014-09-25)
Cathepsin K (CatK) is essential for osteoclast-mediated bone resorption. CatK expression is also detected in breast cancer cells that metastasize to bone. Here, the CatK inhibitor L-235 dosed in prevention (10, 30, and 100 mg/kg, p.o., b.i.d.) or treatment regimen
Valentina Taverniti et al.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 62(33), 8346-8351 (2014-07-31)
Intestinal inflammation is a natural process crucial for the maintenance of gut functioning. However, abnormal or prolonged inflammatory responses may lead to the onset of chronic degenerative diseases, typically treated by means of pharmacological interventions. Dietary strategies for the prevention
K Shiraga et al.
Carbohydrate research, 406, 46-54 (2015-02-07)
Terahertz time-domain attenuated total reflection measurements of monosaccharide (glucose and fructose) and disaccharide (sucrose and trehalose) solutions from 0.146 M to 1.462 M were performed to evaluate (1) the hydration state and (2) the destructuring effect of saccharide solutes on
Paola Dongiovanni et al.
PloS one, 10(2), e0116855-e0116855 (2015-02-04)
Increased serum ferritin associated with mild hepatic iron accumulation, despite preserved upregulation of the iron hormone hepcidin, is frequently observed in patients with dysmetabolic overload syndrome (DIOS). Genetic factors and Western diet represent predisposing conditions, but the mechanisms favoring iron
Da-Ming Gao et al.
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry, 79(3), 470-474 (2014-10-28)
The influence of water-miscible alcohols (methanol, 1-propanol, 2-propanol, and t-butyl alcohol) on the isomerization of glucose to fructose and mannose was investigated under subcritical aqueous conditions (180-200 °C). Primary and secondary alcohols promoted the conversion and isomerization of glucose to afford
Tamar T Kraft et al.
Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior, 131, 13-18 (2015-01-28)
Sugar and fat intake in rodents are mediated in part by brain dopamine (DA) and opioid neurotransmitter systems although important strain differences exist. Thus, whereas sucrose intake of BALB/c and SWR mice was reduced by DA D1 (SCH23390: SCH) receptor
Sonia Y Bernal et al.
Behavioural brain research, 190(1), 59-66 (2008-03-15)
Systemic administration of dopamine D1 (SCH23390) and less so D2 (raclopride) receptor antagonists significantly reduce acquisition and expression of fructose-conditioned flavor preferences (CFP). Because dopamine in the nucleus accumbens shell (NAcS) is implicated in food reward, the present study examined
M Arbulu et al.
Analytica chimica acta, 858, 32-41 (2015-01-20)
The current study presents a method for comprehensive untargeted metabolomic fingerprinting of the non-volatile profile of the Graciano Vitis vinifera wine variety, using liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization time of flight mass spectrometry (LC-ESI-QTOF). Pre-treatment of samples, chromatographic columns, mobile phases, elution
Nikhil Sharma et al.
American journal of physiology. Renal physiology, 308(5), F400-F410 (2014-12-30)
High fructose intake has been associated with increased incidences of renal disease and hypertension, among other pathologies. Most fructose is cleared by the portal system and metabolized in the liver; however, systemic levels of fructose can rise with increased consumption.
Annabelle Tavernier et al.
FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 28(9), 4100-4110 (2014-06-15)
The importance of B-isoform of leptin receptor (LEPR-B) signaling in the hypothalamus, pancreas, or liver has been well characterized, but in the intestine, a unique site of entry for dietary nutrition into the body, it has been relatively ignored. To
Valerie Sapp et al.
Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.), 60(5), 1581-1592 (2014-07-22)
Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), the accumulation of lipid within hepatocytes, is increasing in prevalence. Increasing fructose consumption correlates with this increased prevalence, and rodent studies directly support fructose leading to NAFLD. The mechanisms of NAFLD and in particular fructose-induced
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