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Bioprocessing Sterile Filtration and Bioburden Control

Our wide range of membranes and devices offer the highest level of sterility assurance in production processes and support process scalability and transfer. Our sterile filters for liquid filtration are available with a variety of pore sizes, media specifications, and membrane specifications to optimize yields and product viability. Hydrophobic, sterilizing-grade filters are commonly used on processing tank air vents to ensure sterility by remove viruses and microorganisms, while maintaining near ambient tank pressure. Prefiltration extends final filter life by reducing bioburden and removing unwanted particles early in the process, but must not impact product quality or process efficiency.

Integrity Testers

For non-destructive filter integrity testing that is fast, reliable, and repeatable, the Integritest® 5 automated test instrument allows bubble point and diffusion testing inline or offline, with additional capability for hydrophobic filter testing when paired with the Exact-Air™ II water-based test unit.