RNAi Libraries

Functional Genomics screening lies at the beginning of discovery research.

Functional Genomics screening lies at the beginning of discovery research. The network of possible molecular interactions leading to the causal phenotype within a given system, pathway, or disease is astounding. Researchers utilize large RNAi screening projects to unravel this complexity to identify candidate genes involved in their biological question of interest. Discovering these novel physical interactions leads to a host of characterization and validation studies, requiring further evaluation. Given the significant amount of follow-up research after a screen, it is essential to begin with the most trusted and comprehensive shRNA screening portfolio.

We are the exclusive distributor of the RNAi Consortium (TRC) shRNA library clones in glycerol or lentiviral formats and offer many custom services to meet your individual experimental needs. Our RNAi experience extends beyond the TRC collection because we contract manufacture numerous private collections and alternate libraries from high-throughput projects to large volumes. We recognize that the lentiviral RNAi technology is used in diverse applications and often with specialized robotics. Several customizable options (including high-throughput projects, custom cloning, and large-scale/high titer lentivirus) are available to you, and we will evaluate your individual experimental needs to bring you more flexibility.

For more focused screening, the MISSION® shRNA gene family sets are collections of genes related to specific cellular/molecular pathways highly cited in the literature. Our Bioinformatics team has methodically mapped all TRC shRNA clones to each set. Gene family sets are fully customizable, allowing for complete flexibility to add or delete clone or gene content. Additionally, any panel can be arrayed in either 96 or 384-well plate formats. All gene family sets can be used at the benchtop for focused target discovery and pathway analysis.