Sealing Films, Foils & Tapes

Sealing film being applied to a flask.

Sealing films, tapes and foils are basic consumables common to most wet laboratory setting. Sealing films are designed to protect against oxidation, evaporation, and cross-contamination in cell cultures during processing, storage, and transport. Foils are utilized in multiple ways like covering labware containers and making weighing dishes or boats, while tapes and tags are used for packing and labeling purposes. We offer a wide range of sealing films, foils, and tapes for your research or clinical work from the best names in the business including Duraseal™, Parafilm®, Sigmaware™, Brand®, and many more.

Sealing films

Sealing films are used for various applications including general incubation, cell culture, PCR multi-well plates, and storage. Our comprehensive portfolio allows you to choose from different types of sealing films with properties like heat sealability, pierceability, non-cytotoxicity, sterility, or compatibility with polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), and polystyrene (PS), best suited for your application.

  • AluminaSeal™, a pierceable, non-cytotoxic, and sterile aluminum film is ideal for PCR storage, incubation, and protecting light-sensitive samples.
  • PeelASeal Foil™ heat sealable seal may be used for PP plates, PCR applications, and short-term storage. ClearASeal Peel™ heat sealable seal is available as a clear film with good optical clarity and compatibility with PP, PE, PS, and cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) plates suitable for qPCR.
  • Direct sample retrieval with pipet tips and robotic probes is possible with eXTReme™ FoilSeal™ aluminum foil sealing film.
  • Gas PermASeal™ heat sealable film is best suited for agricultural seeds, insect, and cell culture storage, in addition to short- term incubation.
  • Petri-Seal™ adhesive sealing film is a waterproof, chemically resistant sealing tape designed specifically to seal (cover) the petri dishes and multiwell plates, and thus reducing evaporation, and chance of contamination.
  • DuraSeal™ laboratory stretch film is a multipurpose, polyethylene-based, heat and tear-resistant transparent film that forms an airtight barrier when wrapped around glass vessels and containers.

We also provide self-adhesive BRAND® sealing films, suitable for PCR, cell and tissue culture applications.


Choose from our wide selection of foils, available in different formats including sterile, heat-sealable, pierceable, and pre-cut for specific applications in your research laboratory. We offer aluminum foil which easily covers laboratory dishes and forms inexpensive liners for benchtops, drawers, and trays for easy cleanup in case of spill or contamination. Our Mini Bin™ aluminum foil is designed for easy use and minimal waste, as custom-sized pieces of foil can be easily created that are ideal for autoclaving, freezing, incubating, protecting labware, lining, sealing and general storage. ThermASeal Foil™ heat-sealable seal is a sterile, non-pierceable foil laminate that can be used for PCR applications, specifically with water thermal cyclers, for long term storage of solvents and other organics (including acids and alkaline). For storage and shipping of PCR samples and other compounds, we supply two heat sealable seal product variants, PierceASeal Foil™ (a pierceable foil laminate) and PeelASeal Foil™ (a non-pierceable seal). Our Scienceware® Super-Polyfoil™ wrap/cover sheet has a special thermoplastic polyester layer that blocks any pinhole development caused during autoclaving, incubation, and chemical laboratory implementations. To save your valuable time, we offer pre-cut, aseptic, RNase and DNase free Speedy-Foil® that meets the FDA requirements for direct contact with pharmaceuticals and can be used to cover common laboratory containers.

Packing, labeling, and sterilization tapes

You can now choose from our comprehensive range of tapes used for packing, labeling, and sterilization in for your lab applications. Our Carton sealing tape is a strong, water-resistant, clear PP tape that meets postal regulations. We also provide you with all-purpose, self-adhesive label tape which sustains a temperature range of -23 °C to +121°C when written on with pen, pencil or permanent marker. Our silicone insulating tape shields against moisture, heat, and cold, even at extreme temperatures from -65 °C to 260 °C. Our autoclave indicator Tape Sigmaware™ is saturated to show the word ‘autoclaved’ after 15 minutes of exposure at 121°C in a steam autoclave. In addition, our duct tape roll displays high performance in most critical and demanding applications. Our ContainerSEAL® sealing tape has unique elastomeric characteristics that successfully blocks the loss of water vapor, reduces the rate of gas exchange, and prevents the entry of contaminants. It is best suited for the vast range of bottles and containers used in laboratory applications. We recommend our versatile, non-smearing, high-quality Direct Thermal Cryo-Tags® that are temperature resistant up to 70°C and freezable in liquid and vapor phase nitrogen. For fast and easy sample identification, the text labels or barcodes can be conveniently printed from direct thermal printers such as Dymo® LabelWriter® printers.