Laboratory Labels

Labels for sample management.

Labels for laboratory use and sample management have special requirements based on sample type, container size, storage conditions, and application. Laboratory sample labeling presents many challenges such as solvent compatibility or the ability to remain adherent during freezing and cryostorage. Systems designed specifically for laboratory research labeling offer lab-specific symbols, auto serialization, and built in bar coding ensuring that you have the functionality for your application. Labels made from materials and adhesives that remain legible and adherent when using organic solvents or during cryostorage can give you the confidence that your valuable samples can always be identified.

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From labels for tubes for cryogenic storage, to chemically resistant labels for harsh and corrosive chemicals, to autoclavable and general-purpose labels, we provide labeling supplies to meet your lab management needs.

  • Cryogenic labels can be used to identify vials, microtubes, freezer boxes, microplates, cell culture plates, plastic bags, and other containers for storage in liquid nitrogen, freezers, and when working with samples on dry ice.
  • Chemically resistant labels can withstand direct exposure or immersion in organic solvents, alcohols, and harsh or corrosive chemicals.
  • Autoclave-resistant labels are used for the identification of materials that require autoclave sterilization, and are manufactured with a high-performance adhesive for metal, glass, and plastic containers.
  • Our printing solutions are designed for sample management and inventory tracking and can be integrated into your lab management workflow.
  • A range of tapes are available for identifying samples, equipment, and materials in the lab, and are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and configurations for color coding and convenience.
  • We also offer markers for a variety of laboratory applications, including ethanol- and alcohol-resistant markers, cryogenic markers, and water-resistant markers in an assortment of colors.