Photo of Aldrich® evaporator condenser "A" glassware used in chemistry

Laboratory chemistry relies heavily on glassware to mix, separate, condense, or otherwise contain and manipulate chemicals and their environment to create the wanted reaction conditions. From ampules to volumetric flasks and complete distillation systems, we have the Aldrich® chemistry glassware that fits your analytical needs. Visit our glassware store to find everything you need.

General Laboratory Glassware

Whether your needs are brand-related (Pyrex, Corning) or application-related (distillation glassware), you can be assured we offer the highest-quality glassware.

Browse through our portfolio for the wide selection of glassware available in different dimensions and capacities.

  • Borosilicate glass beakers (graduated and ungraduated) with a pour spout, standard uniform walls and flat bottom are perfect for your routine lab work.
  • Aldrich® essentials graduated cylinders are manufactured using clear borosilicate glass with a safe hexagonal base that prevents the cylinder from rolling off a bench.
  • Neutral glass desiccators with heavy walls, ground flange, perforated bottom porcelain plate, and lid, are best suited for your basic lab applications.
  • Borosilicate glass dishes with spouts (optional) for easy dispensing of liquids can be used as crystalizing dishes. In addition, we offer clear, soda-lime glass Petri dishes (bottom and top matched) that are reusable and autoclavable.
  • We supply different types of borosilicate glass flasks, that are available in wide-ranging capacities: Erlenmeyer flask, filtering flask (used for filtration with Buchner funnels and Gooch crucibles), boiling flasks (round-bottom and flat bottom), and volumetric flasks with polyethylene stoppers.
  • Two variants of tubes are available in borosilicate glass: round-bottom culture tubes (with black phenolic cap) and reusable, round-bottom test tubes without rim.
  • Volumetric pipettes are reusable, borosilicate glass pipettes that bear a white mark indicating capacity for your convenience.
  • Clear borosilicate glass membrane filtration apparatus that is popularly used with 47 mm filter paper and nylon membranes for air, water and wastewater analyses.

Custom Glassware and Repairs Service

Our glass center serves as a center of excellence and innovation in the design and manufacture of glassware for chemists worldwide.

Our vast chemical background and continual collaboration between chemists and glassblowers, give us unique insights into glassware design. We supply Buchi rotary evaporators, 3-neck round-bottomed flasks, gas tapered flasks, and Corning glassware. Additionally, we make customized vessels (10 mL to 100 L in capacity), distillation apparatus, multiple jacketed condensers, manifolds, silver jacketed columns, and special adapters that are best suited for your requirements.

Save money and time by using our Repair Service: E-mail your specialty needs and designs directly to our Glass Center at, or call us at (U.S.) 414-438-2630 (or contact your local sales office) for a custom consultation.
Our usual turnaround time is 3-7 working days after receipt of the order.

Photo of glassblower repairing large glass reaction vessel
Photo of custom chemistry glassware including glass tubing, stopcocks, fittings, and the reaction vessel
  • Our master and senior level glass blowing artisans, with over 90 years of combined experience, team up with chemistry experts in application and design to support your glassware needs.
  • We repair your laboratory glassware to original configuration which helps to minimize waste and reduce costs.
  • We make any custom glassware that a chemist would need for synthesis and research from microscale to pilot plant capability.