Laboratory equipment, glassware, and plasticware are essential for the success of any laboratory. Through our partnerships with brands you know and trust, we offer a wide selection of laboratory equipment and supplies to support more than 100 areas of interest.

Suba Seal Septa

Browse through a wide selection of septa and accessories used for various applications with mild organic solvents, aqueous solutions, organic solvents, pressure applications, and cannulation techniques in air-sensitive chemistry.

Aldrich® evaporator condenser "A"

We offer a complete selection of Aldrich® chemistry glassware including a full range of standard beakers, flasks, tubing, reaction vessels, and chromatography columns as well as custom glassblowing services.

Cell culture inserts
Cell Culture Supplies

An extensive collection of cell culture supplies including serological pipets, cell spreaders and lifters, flasks for adherent and suspension cultures, shaker flasks, bioreactor flasks, spinner flasks, culture plates, cell culture inserts, petri dishes, and culture dishes.

Lab racks
Sample Management: Collection

Protect and manage your samples with solutions including vials, tubes, bottles, dishes, plates, boxes, and racks for collection, transport, tracing, and storage needs.

Stir plates
Laboratory Stirring & Mixing

An extension selection of stir rods, vortexers, orbital shakers, magnetic stir bars and spin bars, plate stirrers, stir mantles, impellers, and overhead stirrers are available for mixing, homogenizing, and dissolving solutions and samples.

Laboratory labels
Laboratory Labels

From labels for tubes for cryogenic storage, to chemically resistant labels for harsh and corrosive chemicals, to autoclavable and general-purpose labels, we provide labeling supplies and lab markers to meet your lab sample management needs.

Grinders & Homogenizers

A comprehensive range of laboratory mills, grinders, sonicators, and homogenizers for coarse, medium, fine, and ultrafine size reduction of almost any material for biological, chemical, and physical applications.

Laboratory Centrifugation

Benchtop centrifuges, microfuges, and accessories for spinning tubes, bottles, plates, slides, and PCR strips.


Laboratory balances are used to measure the mass of solids, liquids, and other samples.

Lab storage solutions
Sample Management: Storage

Essential lab storage solutions for lab management, sample traceability, and enhanced productivity including freezer and cryogenic boxes, glass and plastic tubes and bottles, and sealing films and foils.

Cryo Storage

We offer a wide range of cryo supplies including freezer racks, tubes & vials, labels & markers, and forceps for research and clinical applications from the most reliable names in the industry.

PCR Supplies and Consumables
PCR Supplies & Equipment

PCR tubes, tips, filter tips, plates, plate sealers, PCR thermocyclers and additional consumables to support your PCR workflow.

Microscope Slides & Chambers

We offer a complete selection of microscopy reagents, tools, and glassware for research and clinical lab analysis from Corning®, BRAND®, PELCO®, and other reliable specialty brands. 

Sealing Films, Foils & Tapes

We offer a wide range of sealing films, foils, and tapes for your research or clinical work from the best names in the business including Duraseal™, Parafilm®, Sigmaware™, Brand®, and many more.

Serological pipets
Liquid Handling & Dispensing

We offer an extensive portfolio of serological pipets and pipet controllers for molecular biology and cell culture, Pasteur and transfer pipets for general lab applications, volumetric pipets for titrations and analytical chemistry, and micropipette devices and pipette tips for your lab's liquid dispensing and liquid handling needs.


Corning® brand glass and plastic labware, filtration membranes, cell culture supplies, and equipment for life sciences.


Eppendorf® brand conical and microfuge tubes, pipettes and pipette tips, dispensers, centrifuges, microtiter plates, mixers, spectrometers, and PCR equipment for laboratories.


Brand® GmbH and BrandTech® glassware and plasticware, lab storage solutions, bottle-top dispensers, pipettes and pipette tips, cuvettes, and cell culture and PCR consumables for laboratories.


Cytiva™ products for drug discovery research and therapeutics bioprocess manufacturing including Whatman™ lab filtration products, Amersham™ chromatography columns and resins, tissue culture reagents, and products for protein sample preparation, blotting, and analysis.