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Spectroquant® Photometry Instruments, Kits, & Accessories

Spectroquant® photometers and accessories designed for quantitative analysis of environmental parameters

Spectroquant® Spectrophotometers

Spectroquant® spectrophotometers provide simplicity, security, and durability in water, food, and environmental testing. Our photometric, Spectroquant® methods are approved and accepted by the US EPA.

  • Spectroquant® Prove spectrophotometers are ideal for wastewater, drinking water, and processed water analysis. A broad range of pre-programmed methods are available and the Spectroquant® Prove Connect to LIMS software enables easy, automated data transfer to your electronic lab system.
  • Spectroquant® NOVA 60A filter photometer provides high measurement quality, simple handling, and start-to-finish analytical quality assurance.
  • Spectroquant® Move colorimeters are compact, portable, and robust, made for reliable, on-the-go testing. Move instruments are dust-tight and waterproof according to IP 68 classification. When coupled with the Spectroquant® Data Transfer accessory, data can be quickly transmitted or printed.
  • Spectroquant® Move 100 handheld colorimeters can be used for rapid, on-site analysis to prevent sample deterioration or contamination. Move 100 performs over 100 pre-programmed and 35 user-defined methods for drinking and wastewater analysis.
  • Spectroquant® Move DC portable colorimeters provide rapid results for five key disinfection control parameters: chlorine, ozone, chlorine dioxide, cyanuric acid, and pH.
  • Spectroquant® Thermoreactors are designed to achieve every conceivable requirement for reliable sample preparation. This unit is optimized for use with Spectroquant® digestion reagents and delivers a rapid thermal pretreatment as required e.g. with the COD digestion method or your Crack Sets.

Spectroquant® Test Kits

Spectroquant® test kits are compatible with Spectroquant® Prove, Nova, and Move instruments and optimized to produce reliable results. The barcode system on test kit labels enable automated method recognition on Prove or NOVA instruments to eliminate handling errors. The Spectroquant® Prove Live‑ID provides additional information, including shelf life and batch-ID. Spectroquant® Cell single-use, test kits are pre-filled 16 mm cuvettes, while Spectroquant® test kits can be used with your cuvette. We also offer Spectroquant® test kits for drinking water and industrial wastewater testing developed according to US EPA or ISO standards.