Millex® Syringe Filters

Sterile and nonsterile Millex® syringe filters for sample preparation

Setting the standard in small-volume filtration (1-200 mL), the unsurpassed consistency of Millex® syringe filters in sample preparation has led to the development of many methods specifying their use. Featuring reduced sample loss due to minimal hold-up volumes, Millex® syringe filters are ideal for use in a variety of applications including HPLC sample preparation, the filtration of antibiotics and tissue culture additives, and dissolution testing. Our controlled manufacturing process ensures reliable filter performance and our sterile devices include a certificate of quality. Available with many different membrane and housing options, Millex® syringe filters are compatible with a variety of solvents and sample types.

  • Available in 4, 13, 25, 33, and 50 mm diameters
    • 4 mm: 0.05 – 1 mL sample
    • 13 mm: 1 – 10 mL sample
    • 25 mm and 33 mm: 10 – 100 mL sample
  • Produced with high-quality Millipore® membranes
  • Minimal hold-up volume reduces sample loss

Sterile Millex® Syringe Filters

  • Applications include sterilizing cell culture reagents such as cell culture media, antibiotics, supplements, sera, viruses for infection, and other biological solutions
  • Fast flow and low binding for cell culture media preparation with Millipore Express® PLUS polyethersulfone (PES) membrane
  • Durapore® PVDF membrane is the lowest binding membrane for protein-rich solutions
  • Many are CE-marked and/or approved as medical devices, meaning that they can be used to filter pharmaceutical solutions
  • Minimal leaching of impurities into filtered solutions
  • 50mm Millex® syringe filters have hydrophobic chemistry for gas filtration and in-line vacuum pump protection

Nonsterile Millex® Syringe Filters

  • Applications include filtration-based sample preparation for dissolution testing, HPLC, UHPLC, LC-MS, ion chromatography (IC), and general particulate removal
  • Hydrophilic PTFE Millex® filters are HPLC-certified for low extractables
  • Best recovery of protein samples with hydrophilic Durapore® PVDF Millex® syringe filters
  • Automation-compatible, non-sterile Millex® syringe filter units have a domed housing which enables smooth, reliable delivery in automated sample preparation workstations by eliminating shingling between filters on the transport rack.
  • Non-sterile HPF Millex® filters include a graduated glass fiber prefilter to removed larger particles and either a 0.20 µm or 0.45 µm membrane filter for fine filtration. This combination of membranes provides significantly greater throughput than standard filters without prefiltration media, especially when filtering particle laden solutions.
  • 50mm Millex® syringe filters have hydrophobic chemistry for gas filtration and in-line vacuum pump protection