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HiTrap Capto MMC ImpRes, 5X1 ML

Cytiva 17371610, 40 μm avg. part. size (median particle size of the cumulative volume distribution)



Cytiva 17371610


high-flow agarose

avg. part. size

40 μm (median particle size of the cumulative volume distribution)

cleaning in place

2 - 14

working range

3 - 12


60-90 mg Mab/ml binding capacity

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General description

The multimodal functionality of Capto MMC ImpRes gives a different selectivity compared with traditional ion exchange columns and it binds proteins at high or low ionic strength.

Contaminants such as DNA, host cell proteins (HCP), leached protein A, and aggregates, are efficiently removed, making Capto MMC ImpRes an excellent choice for purification of MAbs and other biomolecules with high aggregate content.

Capto MMC ImpRes can typically be used in the initial polishing step in MAb purification processes, as well as for polishing of antibody fragments such as domain antibodies (DAbs).

Features and Benefits

HiTrap Capto MMC ImpRes is a ready-to-use column pre-packed with BioProcess Capto MMC ImpRes weak cation exchange multimodal medium for screening and small-scale protein purifications using ion exchange chromatography (IEX).

  • High yields achieved through the high-resolution beads and selectivity of the ligand.
  • Enables use of a platform approach to MAb process development.
  • Displays a broad pH/salt operational window.
  • Columns for screening of selectivity, binding, and elution conditions, as well as for small scale purifications.

Storage and Stability

Store at 4 to 30 °C (20% ethanol)

Analysis Note

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Storage Class Code

3 - Flammable liquids

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