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Pharma Biotech

We deliver the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of high-quality products, services and testing for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. We are proud to provide drug manufacturers with process development expertise and technologies, such as continuous bioprocessing.

We collaborate with the world’s leading drug developers to help bring drug therapies to patients. Our pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers look for expertise and products to improve every step of the manufacturing process, while startups look for holistic support to build and scale up theirs. To that end, we support our customers with both a team of technical experts and one of the most complete portfolios in the industry to enable safety and efficiency. We were the first to apply filtration technology to drug manufacturing and, over the last 50 years, we have improved our filtration devices to maximize an efficient and robust manufacturing process.

Emerging Biotech

Having the right partner for emerging biotech is essential for the long, costly and complex journey from discovery to commercialization. We help our customers overcome some of those challenges along the way, serving as the one-stop shop to fast-growing biotechs to manufacture biologic drugs across development phases. Empowering development milestones, we work closely with scientists to provide the right high-quality products, services and expertise needed to help them accelerate and achieve milestones.

Learn about our Advance Biotech Grant Program, which strengthens the emerging biotech community through by providing winners a range of our differentiated technologies, services and expertise.

Learn about our M Lab™ Collaboration Centers, where customers explore ideas side-by-side with technical experts to solve critical process development challenges.

Pharma and Biopharma Manufacturing

By working with pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers, we help make life-enhancing drugs a reality. We collaborate with our customers to develop flexible manufacturing solutions that help bring molecules to market, improving process economics and managing risks. From concept to market, our approach and solutions acknowledge that each drug is unique and requires specific considerations for process development, scale-up and on-going production.

Our extensive offering of products and services brings together industry-leading filtration and systems portfolio, standard-setting chemicals portfolio and a trusted range of services. Knowledge of customer needs allows us to bring to market innovative products and services that help reduce production costs, increase process reliability and gain production efficiencies.

Learn about our BioReliance® End-to-End Solutions, which help simplify and accelerate the drug development and process by providing all the needed capabilities under one platform, helping to get more treatments to patients faster. With the ability to execute a full manufacturing process, we work with biopharma customers on clinical drug development, scaling processes and implementing local production facilities, globally – helping bring cutting-edge novel therapies to market with world-class process development and manufacturing capabilities for virus-based therapeutics.

Learn more about our EMPROVE® program, which offers extensive documentation to help ensure regulatory compliance. We understand that our customers need to get therapeutics to patients quickly and safely. To satisfy their needs while managing risk, we ensure that our products meet the highest quality and purity standards, and our operational processes offer customers supply chain transparency, reliability and predictability to help protect drugs throughout the manufacturing process.

Learn more about our Mobius® MyWay program, a key driver for the globalization of single-use assembly manufacturing.

Pharma Quality Control

Quality control in pharma is essential in bringing safe therapeutics to patients in need. We collaborate, assist and partner with pharmaceutical professionals to enable workflow solutions and scientifically-informed choices at every stage of drug development. We offer products with an unrivaled range of specifications and accreditations, which comply with numerous global standards. Additionally, we provide comprehensive quality documentation to streamline accreditation and audits.

Learn more about our Milli-Q® IQ 7000 system, with an ergonomic design and purification media that helps ensure the consistent production of superior-quality ultrapure water. Smaller size cartridges and imbedded remote monitoring software means customers benefit from purification media efficiency and state-of-the-art connectivity.

Learn more about our culture of compliance and how we execute compliant processes and procedures.

Pharmaceutical Research

Delivering potential new medicines is more challenging and complex than ever, but we are dedicated to accelerating drug discovery.

Learn more about our firsts in genome editing, from offering custom biomolecules globally to manufacturing arrayed CRISPR libraries, and how we support research with genome editing under careful consideration of ethical and legal standards.

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