We understand our customers need to continue innovating and optimizing their portfolio to meet the demands of regulatory changes and fluctuating commodity prices. Across industrial applications, our customer-centric workflow solutions test products to meet the highest safety standards and partner to provide quality solutions.

Focused on optimizing safe, healthy solutions, we provide trusted products and comprehensive workflow solutions that streamline processes, lower costs and deliver consistent, reliable results. We make everything scientists use for their experiments and research.


Manufacturing and distributing quality products and services in an ever-changing and competitive world is a challenge that we help our customers tackle. Our products and services help food and beverage customers to test their products to meet the highest safety standards and support specialty chemical companies remain competitive. We also partner with agricultural biotechnology, consumer product and medical device manufacturers to provide quality solutions.

Learn more about our microbial testing solutions, which help ensure product safety and regulatory requirements for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, municipal water, and food and beverages industries.

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