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NGS Application: Integrated Services for Microbiome Discovery


We have set a goal to establish a robust and reliable integrated services solution for the Microbiome field. We use standardized and optimized protocols, with specified QC criteria and controls throughout the whole workflow. Together with our new bioinformatics platform and proprietary database, which provides superior performance, we reach species-level profiling of complex microbial communities. The Metagenomic platform generates a downloadable HTML report for bacteria classification, including data visualization, statistical and comparative analysis, and publication-ready figures at your fingertips.


Avihai Zolti, Ph.D.


Microbiome, R&D

Andrew Schriefer


Data Scientist

Graziella Amarasinghe, Ph.D.


Head of Marketing & Sales, Microbiome Services

Webinar Information

Clinical testing and diagnostics manufacturing

Microbiological testing

  • Duration:1 hour

  • Language:English

  • Presented:June 16, 2021