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NGSO (Next-Gen Sequencing Oligos) for Consistent and Proper Sequence Assembly


Optimized NGS performance relies on oligo adapter quality. Adapters – especially index adapters since they contain the multiplex identifier or barcode – containing too high a proportion of truncated sequences (unacceptably low purity) or too high a proportion of other adapter sequences (excessive cross contamination) can lead to compromised sequence read integrity and improper sequence assembly, respectively, during multiplex NGS experiments. These types of problems are undetectable until the data analysis stage, which make them costly in terms of time and money. Therefore, the production process used for the adapter sequences is critical for a successful sequencing run. NGSO are manufactured under rigorous conditions to ensure suitable purity and low cross contamination to meet research, commercial, and molecular diagnostic needs.


Tom Russell, Ph.D


Product Manager, Custom Products

Webinar Information

Clinical testing and diagnostics manufacturing

Microbiological testing

  • Duration:1 hour

  • Language:English

  • Presented:June 16, 2021