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A New Screening Approach for Lead Discovery: DNA-Encoded Library Technology


This webinar is presented in partnership with Dynabind. Our speakers cover best practices and new innovations in screening during lead discovery, an important step of drug discovery workflow. You will learn about a new screening approach to facilitate faster and cheaper lead discovery. This talk also covers sustainability in addition to efficiency.

Who should watch?

Chemists and biologists interested in new technologies and innovative approaches for the screening step of drug discovery workflow.


Mike Thompson



Originally from the US, Michael is a trained chemist from a family of entrepreneurs. In 2014 he began to lead the team in developing the business concept and securing funding, and has served as CEO since the company’s foundation in 2017. In addition to his administrative responsibilities, Michael still leads the computational chemistry and library design teams at DyNAbind.

Francesco Reddavide


Director of R&D

A biotechnologist from Italy, Francesco is the principle creator of DyNAbind’s Dynamic Library and Binding Profiler technologies. He has been with the team since the very beginning, and has served as Director of Research and Development since company foundation in 2017, where he continues to innovate novel DEL technologies.

John Fetter


Product Manager, Emerging Chemical Synthesis

John received his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Michigan State University where he studied cytochrome c oxidase with Shelagh Ferguson-Miller. Then he worked in drug discovery research at North Carolina State, SmithKline Beecham, and Taxolog. After that he moved to Sigma-Aldrich, now known as MilliporeSigma, where he has worked on developing assays for pharmaceutical screening. He is currently a Product Manager in Emerging Chemical Synthesis where he develops products that use chemical synthesis for life science applications. Much of his focus has been on developing the portfolio of bioconjugation products. Recently he has worked on making DNA-encoded libraries more accessible through their availability as off-the-shelf kits.

Webinar Information

Chemistry and synthesis

  • Lead discovery
  • Duration:52:32 minutes

  • Language:English

  • Presented:July 22, 2021