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New Preparation Approach for Improved Pesticide Analysis of Challenging Samples


What Does It Cover?

For Pesticide Analysis in food and feed QuEChERS is an established Sample Preparation technique. Nonetheless there are some challenging sample matrices that require variations of the classical QuEChERS methodology. These are fat-rich matrices, intensively colored matrices and dry, complex matrices such as teas, spices or herbs.

As even the variations in the official methods AOAC 2007.01 and EN 15662:2008 cannot fully remove all matrix interferences, this talk will introduce new sample preparation approaches leading to improved clean-up and recovery of pesticides in these challenging matrices.

Who Should Watch?

Every user in Pesticide Analysis.


Dr. Frank Michel


Analytical & Chromatography Scientific Advisor

Frank Michel developed, optimized and evaluated new stationary phases for HPLC in his Ph.D. at University in Muenster/Germany. Within his Ph.D. an important project was the investigation of the phases by gas chromatography. His first business position was at Bernina Biosystems, a biopharmaceutical company, as Analytical Chemist for HPLC Method Development and Validation for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and drug formulations. Later he changed to MilliporeSigma in different roles in Analytical and Chromatography. His next position was at HWI Analytik, an analytical service provider for the pharmaceutical industry. Frank returned in 2010 to MilliporeSigma to continue his career as Analytical & Chromatography Technology Specialist. Five years later he advanced as Scientific Advisor for Analytical Technologies to support Asia-Pacific region. Frank is a member of Separation Science working group in the German Chemist Society (GDCh).

Webinar Information

Analytical chemistry

  • Sample preparation
  • Duration:58 mins

  • Language:English