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Revised ISO 11133 and ISO 16649 Food Microbiology Standards


ISO 11133:2014 is a mandatory standard for all ISO 17025-accredited labs for microbiological analysis of food, feed and water. It describes the preparation, production and performance testing of culture media from this whole area. Recently published amendment 1:2018 contains corrections and additional explanations whilst future amendment 2 will describe the performance testing of confirmation media and reagents.

ISO 16649-1, which specifies a horizontal method for the enumeration of β-glucuronidase-positive Escherichia coli, has also been revised. The method uses a colony-count technique after resuscitation using membranes and incubation at 44 °C on TBX agar.

There are three horizontal methods (ISO 16649-1, ISO 16649-2 and ISO 16649-3) for the enumeration of β-glucuronidase-positive Escherichia coli, all parts are for general application. Parts 1 and 3 include a resuscitation step and should be used in preference for foodstuffs likely to contain sub-lethally injured cells.

This webinar explains the latest changes in ISO 11133 and ISO 16649 and will give an outlook on the future of both standards.


Barbara Gerten


Senior Scientist Traditional Microbiology

Barbara is a microbiologist with many years of industry experience who has been at Merck since 2008. She is a member of several ISO/CEN committees including the following ISO Working Groups: “Culture Media” and “Enumeration of beta-glucuronidase-positive Escherichia coli”.

Dr. Andreas Bubert


Senior Product Manager Culture Media Food & Beverage

Andreas has a PhD in molecular microbiology and over 20 years’ experience in the food and beverage industry at Merck. He is a member of AOAC RI Advisory Council, German VAAM and has authored over 40 publications.