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Environmental Monitoring in Food Industries


Video not available in the US and Canada.

What Does it Cover?

Environmental monitoring is meant to be a proactive program and should form an integral part of Food Safety Management systems.

It can detect:

  • Deficiencies in cleaning and disinfection (sanitation)
  • Inefficient zoning
  • Deficiencies in employee practices
  • Contribution of utilities (air, water) to microbial load of products

Merck will present all the different solutions for environmental control: from conventional method to the latest new technology.

What Will You Learn?

Environmental Monitoring: Where, when, what and how?

Where - Significant Microbiological hazards are determined by performing a complete, scientifically accurate Hazard Analysis

When - Right Timing - The application of methods, procedures, tests and other evaluations, in addition to monitoring, to determine whether a control measure is or has been operating as intended.

What - Microorganism(s), or product of microbial metabolism, whose presence in a food or the environment at a given level is indicative of a potential quality (including spoilage), hygiene, and/or safety problem.

How - Integrate rapid detection tests into your Cleaning and Disinfection Plan allows you to take preventive measures and put in place very fast corrective actions

Who Should Attend?

  • Quality manager/director
  • Production manager
  • Laboratory manager
  • Quality technician
  • Hygiene manager


Anett Winkler

Anett Winkler


EMEA Regional Food Microbiologist Lead

She joined Kraft Jacobs Suchard in December 1998 to head up the research microbiology laboratory in Munich. Later on Anett concentrated on chocolate, biscuits and other low moisture foods including supplier developments and approvals. She also consolidated the scientific basis for microbiological process controls in low moisture foods by performing validation studies for nut & cocoa processing. Following a regional role for Microbiology in the Eastern European, Middle East & African Region she was globally designing food safety programs, rolling out training modules related to food safety and further supporting supplier development. Anett was also the global expert for thermal processing within Mondelez International.

Karin Weickel

Karin Weickel


Product Specialist Environmental Monitoring