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The Future of Pharma and Biopharmaceutical Audits


SARS-CoV-2 showed us that technology supports us during our inspection activity even if on-site visits are not possible. Travel restrictions of various kinds will remain a risk in the future. The use of new technologies has shown that inspections and audits can be carried out despite these restrictions. We will focus on what possibilities the new technologies offer and take a look at the future of inspections and audits.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Regulatory overview of remote audits
  • The technologies needed to support the audit process
  • What types of inspections are possible with the use of these technologies
  • How audits may look in the future


Daniel Buescher

Daniel Buescher


Product Manager - Digital Solutions

Daniel Buescher is a product manager for digital solutions. He owns the product management responsibility for new growing, customer-facing digital solutions. He focuses on the development and implementation of differentiated digital services & business models, evaluation of market needs, and strategic product placement.

Daniel joined Merck in 2017 and has held different leading positions within automation, software development, digitalization, and process excellence. Daniel holds a Dipl. Ing. in electrical engineering from Technical University Darmstadt.

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