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Improve Operational Efficiency by Over 30% with Product, Process, & Systems Agnostic Orchestration


To remain competitive in the market, biopharma manufacturers must adopt automation and digital technologies, but most plants still have islands of automation consisting of independently functioning stand-alone unit operations. This results in operational inefficiency, regulatory concerns, and a poor understanding of the process and product life cycle. Taking the first, right step must include considering risks, costs, timelines, and technology alternatives. Traditional automation approaches tied to specific systems, processes, and products are, by their nature, limited. An agnostic platform will address current biomanufacturing business challenges and ensure future readiness. With the right platform, a phased automation implementation can yield operational efficiency gains of up to 30% and improved product quality and regulatory compliance.

In this webinar, let's explore:

  • Challenges of automation and digital technology adoption
  • What a product, process, and system-agnostic platform entails
  • Applications and benefits of a process orchestration platform
  • Ensuring future readiness with process orchestration


Braj Nandan Thakur

Braj Nandan Thakur


Global Product Manager, Automation

As Global Product Manager for automation software within the Bio4C® Software Suite, Braj Nandan Thakur is responsible for building Bio4C Orchestrator™ software’s roadmap and strategy.

With more than 13 years of experience in sales and marketing across process and digital technologies, Braj has implemented enterprise-level digital solutions from R&D through to manufacturing.

Prior to joining Merck, Braj held leadership roles in sales and marketing within Thermo Fisher, Laurus Infosystems, and Danaher. He holds an M.S. in bioscience and is currently pursuing a post-graduate diploma in management (PGDM) from the Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad.

Webinar Information

Pharma and biopharma manufacturing

  • Compendial Testing and Regulatory Guidance
  • Duration:39m

  • Language:English

  • Presented:Tue, May 24, 2022

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