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CAR-T Manufacturing Innovations that Work - Automating Low Volume Processes and Other Key Steps


Automated, fit-for-purpose tools are essential in CAR-T processing to support sustainable manufacturing of clinical and market-approved cell therapy products. This webinar will discuss how the ekko™ Acoustic Cell Processing System uses acoustic technology as a touchless approach to manipulate cells, enabling a modular tool across the CAR-T manufacturing workflow. Typical performance of templated ekko™ System processes for DMSO washout of leukapheresis material, low volume and high cell concentrate for electroporation preparation, and harvest of expanded T cells will be reviewed. This webinar will also give an early glimpse at the ekko™ Select System for unmatched T cell selection.

In this webinar:

  • Uncover how the ekko™ System supports the broad industrialization of cell therapy, with particular focus on how to achieve low volume, high concentrate cell product for critical transduction and transfection steps
  • Discover how the ekko™ System for wash and concentrate processes throughout the cell therapy workflow achieves high cell recovery, viability, and effective residual removal
  • Preview to ekko™ Select, our cell therapy selection platform, to achieve unmatched ease of use with direct processing from leukopaks reducing the need for preparation steps


Benjamin Ross-Johnsrud

Benjamin Ross-Johnsrud


Acoustic Technology Expert

Benjamin Ross-Johnsrud is an acoustic technology expert for cell therapy processing at Merck. As part of his role, Ben leads customer engagement activities, demonstrating the capabilities of our acoustic cell processing technology, the ekko™ System.

He is an expert in conceptualizing new manufacturing paradigms, using the full breadth of acoustics to adapt process requirements to the growing needs of commercial cell therapy supply. Ben is a co-inventor on 17 patents to date, with a drive to expand our company's product offering to power the next generation of cell therapies. Ben has his B.S. in engineering from Western New England University.

Robert Scott

Robert Scott


Mechanical Engineer III

Robert Scott is a mechanical engineer III in the acoustics processing and engineering Group at Merck.

In his role, Rob is responsible for process and application development, demonstrating the capabilities of our ekko™ Acoustic Cell Processing System for over three years. He initially joined FloDesign Sonics as an intern from Western New England University's engineering program where he received two degrees, an M.S. in engineering management and a B.S. in mechanical engineering.

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