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Advancing Biopharm Manufacturing and Supply Chain Capabilities with an Integrated eData Solution


Many biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturers have been planning and investing in various digital technologies to drive business improvements, in order to better serve and meet growing market demands for new and improved drugs and vaccines. The advancement of new technologies and capabilities provides many opportunities to enhance business processes across the enterprise. This webinar will discuss some of the key success factors in developing and implementing a successful eData sharing solution, providing a critical foundation for building additional digital capabilities to maximize the efficiency of key production and supply chain processes.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Important factors for successful eData exchange for biopharm manufacturing and supply chain operations
  • Key benefits and opportunities with eData exchange
  • Existing standards and technologies for eData
  • Next steps to starting the eData journey


Stephen Wing

Stephen Wing


Senior Product Manager, Analytical & Logistical Services

Stephen Wing is a senior product manager with our company responsible for developing and providing digital solutions, and connecting customers with key analytical and logistical data to improve overall business operations. He joined our company in 2019 to develop and implement these critical capabilities. Prior to joining our company, he held various product management and product development roles with GE in the digital, life sciences, and oil & gas businesses. He has an M.S. in engineering management from Northeastern University and BSME from Boston University.