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Advances in Immunoassays: Biomarker Profiling with MILLIPLEX® Assays


While the short-term mortality of sepsis has improved over the last decade, it still causes huge clinical impacts on health care system. Systemic inflammatory response, one of the key features in sepsis, is characterized by increased levels of various cytokines and chemokines in circulation and is significantly correlated with organ dysfunction and mortality. Therefore, circulatory cytokine profiling is essential in determining the severity of inflammatory responses in sepsis.

ELISA is a traditional way for measuring cytokine levels in biofluid samples which not only results in increased consumption of the precious clinical samples but also increases experimental workload, leading to potential experimental errors. MILLIPLEX® human cytokine assay is a bead-based technology for simultaneous detection of various cytokines in biofluid samples, through flow cytometry-based analysis. In comparison with conventional ELISA, MILLIPLEX® cytokine assay only requires a small volume of biofluid samples (up to 25 µl), thus preserving the limited clinical samples and shows highly enhanced performance, particularly the analytical sensitivity and increased dynamic range. Therefore, MILLIPLEX® cytokine assay is valuable for cytokine profiling in cohort studies of sepsis patients.

In this webinar, Dr. Chung will share his experience using MILLIPLEX® cytokine panels in characterizing sepsis-related systemic inflammation.

Key Learning Points:

  • Why cytokine profiling is significant in characterizing systemic inflammation in sepsis
  • How MILLIPLEX® human cytokine panels enhance profiling in sepsis research
  • The correlation of cytokine profiling with the severity of organ dysfunction and mortality in sepsis


Anitaben Tailor, Ph.D.

Anitaben Tailor, Ph.D.


Biology Technical Marketing

Anitaben Tailor brings over 10 years of immunoassay platform experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. Anita earned her Master’s in Pharmacology at Kings College, London and then went on to do her Ph.D. in Biochemical Immunopharmacology at the University of London, UK. She was a Post-Doctoral Fellow in physiology and pharmacology at LSU Health Sciences, followed by faculty positions at Johns Hopkins and NIH. In 2009, Anita moved into industry as a Field Application Scientist for Meso Scale Diagnostics and Singulex® Inc. In 2016, Anita was appointed the global role of SMC® Technology and Application Lead within the Life Science Division at our company, where she led multiple teams globally on the utility of SMC® technology as a bioanalytical tool for multiple research applications within industry and academia. More recently Anita joined the global Biology Technical Marketing group, focusing on the Immunoassay portfolio within Pharma and CROs.

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